Global Peace Agency

    Team » Global Peace Agency appears in 38 issues.

    An organization in the original OMAC comic. It was recently brought into the mainstream earth during Final Crisis as an offshoot of Checkmate.

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    "Buddy Blank is our choice for keeping the peace in a world that can't afford violence. Violence, large or small... Can destroy us all!" -- Global Peace Agency agents

    Peace Agents must hide his faces with a cosmetic spray. It makes them anonymous. They could be of any nation.

    The organization Global Peace Agency had one of their officers to check out Atom Smasher. Atom Smasher was talking to Mr. Bones in a bar. Mr. Bones wanted to talk to Atom Smasher about rejoining The JSA after he sided with Black Adam. Stargirl and Cyclone were outside the bar to take him back to the brownstone. Mr. Bones changed into Global Peace Agency officer and reported that the JSA was unaware of G.P.A. activity.


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