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 The Glob emerges from the swamp.
The Glob emerges from the swamp.

Joseph Timms was a petty criminal who escaped from prison, to be with his dying wife. Joe Timms ran into the Florida everglades, only to sadly drown in the marshes. Decades later after the the Hulk accidentally spilled radioactive waste, Joe Timms was resurrected as a swamp creature now called the Glob.

The creature mistakenly thought that Betty Ross was his dead wife. The Glob kidnaps Betty and knocks out Glenn Talbot when he tries to reach for his gun. The Glob lays Betty on the ground when he is confronted by the Hulk. The two behemoths went after each other but the Hulk's hits did not affect him because his punches went through his muddy body. The Glob would toss the Hulk and starts to walk away with Betty in his grasp. The Hulk notices the Glob walking into swamp water that's giving off a strange glow. The glowing water starts to dissolve the Glob but it raises Betty above his shoulders until the Hulk saves her. The Glob's entire body begins to dissolve into nothing and sinks back into the murky water.


The Glob was created by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe in 1969 and first appeared The Incredible Hulk # 169. This Glob has nothing to do with the Marvel Monster from the early 1960's also known as The Glob.

Mayor Story Arcs


 The Glob resurrected!
The Glob resurrected!

The Leader would resurrect the Glob and use him as an instrument to destroy the Hulk. The Leader burns the image of the Hulk hurting the girl he sought after and tried to save in the swamp during their first encounter. Banner was hiding in the underground tunnels beneath Louisiana and created a man made raft out of wooden debris floating around. As Banner floated away, the Glob smashes his raft and sends Banner into the water. Banner transforms into the Hulk and takes the fight to the streets. The Hulk throws a gasoline tanker at the Glob and causes a massive inferno in the tunnels below. The Glob emerges unscathed from the flames and tackles the Hulk from behind. The two monsters end up in the water underneath the streets but lose each other for a brief moment. The Hulk ends up near a power plant where he is ambushed from behind by the Glob. The Glob throws the gamma giant through an electrical fence and crashes near an electric tower. The Hulk starts to climb the tower with the Glob in close pursuit. The Hulk reaches the top of the tower and grabs an electric line. He hits the Glob with the live wire and a million volts of lethal electricity surges through its body. The Glob falls a couple hundred feet and causes a massive explosion when he hits the ground. The Leader's plan has failed and the Glob was scattered into a hundred of tiny slug-like pieces.

Against the Hulk

 The clay Glob removes its shackles
The clay Glob removes its shackles

The Leader would convince Glenn Talbot and General Ross to form an union with him so they can stop the Hulk. The Leader was given permission to take over Project Brain-Wave where government scientist created a device called the Mentallo Projector that amplified human brain-waves into three dimensional objects. The Leader used the device on the Hulk and he would end up fighting phantoms of his deadliest foes including the Glob, Sandman, Rhino, Iron Man, Namor, Xeron, Mandarin, Missing Link and the Night-Crawler. The plan failed when a kid named Jim Wilson rewired the device, causing the Leader to see multiple images of the Hulk surrounding him.

The Collector had a specimen called the Golden Brain that tried to regain its humanity by forming a body of common clay. Golden Brain resembled a blond human man that could not speak. It escaped from the Collector and hid in the swamp. Banner found the mute in the swamp and protected him from pirates that were hired by the Collector. Banner transformed into the Hulk and fought off the pirates until the Collector appeared with the Man-Thing under his control. The Collector ordered Man-Thing to slay the Hulk while he transformed the blond mute into the Glob with the Philosopher's Stone. The Collector commanded the Glob to attack the Hulk. The Hulk would fall in battle against the two misshapen monsters when the Man-Thing smothered the gamma giant with his body and lost consciousness. The Collector places all his monstrous specimens inside his skycraft and places them inside their confines with stasis-shackles attached to their ankles. Man-Thing and the Glob easily remove the shackles and escape from their exhibit. The Collector has his reinforcements attack the two slumbering swamp creatures. The Hulk breaks out of his energy shield and helps free the rest of the Collector's prisoners. The Hulk would lead the Collector's ex-exhibits out of the flying museum but the Glob remains. The Glob would find the Collector and appears to take his life.

The Howling Commandos

 Glob as a member of the Howling Commandos.
Glob as a member of the Howling Commandos.

The Glob would be recruited into the Howling Commandos which was a special SHIELD unit that consisted of various monsters and supernatural beings. The Glob was introduced to Warwolf and Gorilla Man after his medical examination where he was negative for any pathogens and a special mouthpiece device was attached to him so he could speak. The Glob and the Howling Commandos are forced to defend Area 13 when Merlin and his monstrous minions invade the facility. Glob and the rest of the monster squad take the fight to Merlin's minions by traveling to their realm in England through the portal they left open. Glob is accidentally trampled by one of the giants released by SHIELD but is more embarrassed than hurt when he is found laying inside the monstrous footprint. The Glob and the rest of the Commandos storm Merlin's domain and defeat his minions.

The Glob would be captured by a special SHIELD unit called the Hulkbusters led by Agent Clay Quartermain, Agent Cheesecake, Agent Crimson and the She Hulk. The Hulkbusters also captured many of the Hulk's greatest foes including the Abomination and Zzzax. These villains were held captive and samples of their metahuman tissues became property of HAMMER when SHIELD was disbanded. The Origins Corporation and the head of the installation, General Ryker would be bankrolled by Norman Osborn to transplant superhuman DNA into normal humans. The genetic material of the Glob was transplanted into a female human and dubbed Morass. The female Glob and her two companions, Aberration and Axon would travel to Death Valley to hunt down Lyra.

Other Versions

Glob (Dr Summer Beckwith)

Trivia: This Glob has nothing to do with the Marvel Monster from the early 1960's alsno known as The Glob.

Powers & Abilities

 Glob displays his strength!!
Glob displays his strength!!

The Glob is a powerful creature made up of the swamp's environment. It has superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The Glob's body is practically invulnerable to harm. Its body is not entirely solid, but composed of the muck, clay, water, mud and vegetative matter of the swamp. Physical blows, objects and various firearms would pass through his muddy exterior or harmlessly be lodged within his body. However, the Glob is vulnerable to fire, radioactive and electrical attacks. The Glob likes to smother his enemies with his own body until they die or lose consciousness. The Glob was given the ability to speak through a special mouthpiece device when he joined the Howling Commandos.

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