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    Glob was a student at Xavier's mansion and a member of the Omega Gang under the leadership of Quentin Quire.

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    Not much is known about the history of Robert 'Glob' Herman before his mutation. Glob Herman was a mutant with a strange jelly-like see-through body, whom joined the Xavier Institute not soon after it went public for the world. He soon became known as the class clown and troublemaker. On the institute, he befriended classmate Quentin Quire. Herman joined the Omega Mutants with Quire after the death of mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation, who was killed by anti-mutant activists.


    Glob Herman was created by Grant Morrison and Ethan van Sciver and first appeared New X-Men issue 117 (2001).

    Major Story Arcs

    Riot at Xaviers

    Frightening Humans
    Frightening Humans

    After the death of fashion designer Jumbo Carnation, Glob and his team attacked several humans a way of retaliation. During the riot at Xavier's, Herman rampaged and had Redneck light him on fire and charged at a bus full of humans. He was stopped by Beast, Cyclops and Xorn. He was not seen or heard from after this for quite some time but reappeared after the Decimation of M-Day. Herman was one of the few mutants to keep his powers and joined the X-men on Utopia.


    He was later seen along with other mutants in San Francisco protesting Proposition X. He was a part of the initial riot. While mostly staying out of the lime-light, when the island was being attacked by a sentinel, Herman fought with the other younger X-Men to save the island. When Wolverine started his own school, back in New York, Herman left with the other students.

    The Special Spider-Man Class

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    A few months after Herman had joined the Jean Grey School, he defected to the Hellfire Academy for some time, feeling he would be of more use there. He however returned not much later to the Jean Grey School and was placed in Spider-Man's special class of students. Spider-Man had taken over some classes at the academy following Wolverine's apparent death. Wolverine had told Spider-Man that he thought one or more students where moles, and asked Spider-Man to form a class of the suspects, hoping to find the mole and hopefully stop his actions. Glob Herman was apparently on the list of suspects, since he was put in the class.

    Herman and Old man Logan

    Glob Herman developed a special bond with one of the teachers of the Xavier Institute when they relocated to Central Park, namely the other dimensional Old Man Logan. Glob Herman helped him out on a number of ocassion and Logan assisted Herman in defeating mutant-haters whom used Glob when he thought he was online-dating a real human girl whom liked him despite his appearances.

    Age of X-Man

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    Glob Herman stayed with the X-men, and helped out Jean Grey's Red X-Men team for a while. He had a huge crush on Jean Grey. However, soon Glob and almost every other X-Men, was called upon to fight against a power-mad Nate Grey (known as X-Man). During the battle, Herman and most other X-Men where teleported into a strange warped reality known as the Age of X-Man. In this reality, Glob was one of the few mutants who somehow knew more of his former self and life. He was part of the X-Men's School in this reality. Luckily, the X-Men managed to regain their true memories and confronted Nate Grey.

    After X-Man was defeated, Herman Glob rejoined the X-Men on Krakoa to be part of the first Mutant Society.


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    Glob joined the X-men when they moved onto the island of Krakoa, where the mutants established the first ever independent mutant nation. Glob assisted the New Mutants team on a number of missions and was involved in the rescuing of Beak and his wife Angel Salvadore from the clutches of an anti-mutant hate group.

    Powers and Abilities

    Glob Herman's body is composed almost entirely of bio-paraffin (living wax), with his skeleton and major organs floating inside. He is highly flammable, and can throw pieces of his body. Being set on fire, or separating pieces of his body doesn't seem to hurt him. His mutation also enhances his physical abilities giving him enhanced agility, speed, endurance and senses.

    Alternative Universe


    Glob had a non-speaking role at the U.S. Government Mutant Cure Station.

    Other Media

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    Here Glob Herman had a cameo, or small part if you wish, in this movie. Whilst on Alcatraz Island he is seen to get hit by a cure dart, which effectively " cures " him of his mutant powers. He is transformed from his mutation state to that of a normal human being.


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