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    Stephanie constantly generates an energy field which sparkles around her, keeping her body in peak condition at all times, and allowing her to heal herself and others.

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    Stephanie was a housewife with three little children when she developed her paranormality in the White Event. She checked herself into the Clinic in the hopes of getting her condition treated.

    When she touches people she excited them, rev them up, super charging them with extra energy. Her hypercharging also somehow relieves tension and pain. She has been able to heal small cuts and bruises. His husband was very put off of her new talents. He ad committed her in The Clinic.

    When her treatment group fled the clinic she left with them. In the beginning her primary motivation was to reunite with her children and attempt to reconcile with her estranged husband.

    Almost immediately fellow team member Dave Landers was attracted to Stephanie. Stephanie was slow to respond to Dave's interest, hoping instead to return to her previous life.

    After Pittsburg was destroyed by the Starbrand Stephanie travelled with the rest of DP7 to the site (known as the Pitt). In the subsequent chaos the team was separated, with Stephanie eventually making her way back to her family. She attempted to rebuild her life until being recruited to participate in the CIA's new paranormal program along with a number of the other female members of DP7.

    Stephanie's marriage finally collapsed during her time working with the CIA. Stephanie discovered her husband had only reconciled with her in the hopes that her powers would cure him of HIV, which he contracted during their separation.

    After a disastrous mission to spy on Presidential candidate Voight Stephanie's team was cut loose from the CIA. Now in New York City, Stephanie reunited with a number of the remaining members of DP7. After surviving an assassination attempt by one of their former CIA handlers Stephanie took her children and left the city in an attempt to recreate a normal life. After this failed she returned and embraced her relationship with Dave.

    Powers and Abilities

    Stephanie is arguably one of the most powerful members of DP7. Stephanie's paranormality, evidenced by her surrounding aura of sparkles, enhance her physical abilities while providing near miraculous regeneration for her and anyone in contact with her. Examples of her regenerative powers included healing bullet wounds within minutes and almost instantly regenerating flesh on her hands while she was carrying a burning tree trunk.

    Stephanie's strength enabled her to destroy a house within minutes, overpower armored teammate Spitfire and leap 20 feet at a time. Stephanie is also one of the few individuals immune to the energy siphoning power of fellow DP7 member Lenore (Twilight).


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