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    The Gliders, so named for their powers of flight and levitation, are a group of elves who descended from the High Ones, and who reside in Blue Mountain.

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    The Gliders were created by Wendy Pini and Richard Pini, the creators of ElfQuest.



    The Gliders are a group of elves who were among the first born of the High Ones on the World of Two Moons. They took refuge in Blue Mountain in the wake of the attacks by humans on the High Ones after their arrival in their space-faring Palace. Using their magic the Gliders recreated the abandoned Palace of the High Ones within Blue Mountain itself.

    For many centuries the immortal Gliders were ruled by Lord Voll who led them into a period of cultural and moral decay. He unintentially allowed a trend of fewer and fewer births to continue until it resulted in a society of all adults. The arrival of the Wolfriders became a major event and they were warmly embraced by Voll, particularly the twin children of Suntop and Ember who seemed to awaken in him a sense of wonder and hope for the future. Eventually, Lord Voll was murdered by the ice trolls of the northern mountains, and his lover, Winnowill, assumed control. Winnowill's hatred of the Wolfriders, due to their mixed wolf-elf blood, led her to abandon them. The Gliders under her rule have remained bitter enemies with the Wolfriders ever since...


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