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    Glibberquip was the Green Lantern of Space Sector 743. He was forced to become an Alpha-Lantern under the control of Cyborg Superman.

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    Green Lantern Status: Deceased
    Space Sector: 743
    Sector Partner: Hraalkar

    Homeworld: Unknown
    Predecessor: Unknown
    Successor: Inapplicable


    Glibberquip is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 743. As an amphibian humanoid Glibberquip must use a sealed helmet filled with water when operating on dry land. Sometime before the Blackest Night, Glibberquip was assigned a rookie partner by the name of Hraalkar.  
    By all accounts, Glibberquip took his responsibilities as the Senior partner quite seriously. During the Black Lantern attack on Oa, Hraalkar suffered a serious wound defending the Central Power Battery.  Hraalkar bravely tried to stay in the fight but Glibberquip ignored the rookie’s protests and insisted that his partner head to the infirmary for treatment. He wrapped Hraalkar in a bubble construct and sent him off to the infirmary, darkly joking that they didn't need another  Black Lanterns joining the ranks.  
    Glibberquip and Hraalkar both survived the Blackest Night. Hraalkar remained in the Corp Barracks to heal his injuries while Glibberquip presumably returned to patrol Space Sector 743.   
    During a fitful nights sleep, Haarlkar was plagued by nightmares of the bloody Corps infirmary and shocked awake by the image of a Black Lantern Kilowog looming over him.  Haarlkar awoke to find himself in bed safely on Oa. Before he could return to sleep he was pulled through an open window by the Alpha Lantern Varix who informed him that he had been "requisitioned' by the Alpha Lantern Corps.   
    Days passed, and Glibberquip grew concerned over his missing partner. He searched Haarlkar's home world, as well as ten other planets in Sector 743, but could not locate Haarlkar anywhere.  
    Glibberquip viewed his partner as his responsibility and appealed to Corps Administrator Salaak for aid in finding Haarlkar. Haarlkar's ring had not reported in that he was dead or injured, leaving Salaak to dismissively conclude that Haarlkar was intentionally avoiding his partner.  
    Salaak callous remarks prompted Glipperquip to direct his ring to play back all interaction between him and Haarlkar. Glibberquip order the ring to identify any possible occasions where he could have inadvertently insulted his partner.  
    Before the ring could carry out this command Glibberquip spotted Haarlkar in the company of Alpha Lanterns Varix and Green Man. He quickly approached Haarlkar calling out to his partner, but as the rookie turned Glibberquip was shocked to find that Haarlkar had undergone the radical surgery required to be transformed into an Alpha Lantern.  
    The three Alpha Lanterns turned to Glibberquip and robotically repeated the mantra spoken to Haarlkar a few nights earlier, "you have been requisitioned by the Alpha Lanterns." Haarlkar had been turned into an Alpha Lantern against his will. Presumably, Glibberquip will share the same fate of his partner, revealing a deadly malfunction in the Alpha Lanterns programming.     


     As the abductions increased in number,  Ganthet, the former Guardian turned Green Lantern, recruited Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu in his search to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Alpha Lanterns. Their search brought them to the robot populated planet Grenda.  Grenda had been the source of some concern for the Guardians. Stel, the Green Lantern of Grenda, had left to investigate the reasons why Grenda had cut off all communication. When Stel failed to report in, the Guardians sent John Stewart and Alpha Lantern Boodikka to follow Stel's trail.  
    Unknown to the Lanterns, the villain Hank Henshaw had seized control over Grenda and was using his influence over machine to take control of the Alpha Lanterns. Henshaw was behind the Alpha Lanterns abduction and forced conversion. his goal was to learn and much as he could about the Alpha Lanterns physiology, so that he could force the Guardians to reverse the radical surgery required to create an Alpha Lantern. Henshaw hoped that if the Guardians could restore an Alpha Lantern's humanity, then they could do the same for him and free him from his cyborg prison. Henshaw captured Ganthet and ordered the former Guardian to perform exploratory surgery on his new Alpha's until Ganthet was able to successfully restore an Alpha Lantern. in order to stop Ganthet from stalling, Henshaw ordered Glibberquip to blow his own head off as a warning.

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