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    Glenn was the camp scavenger when the group was camped outside of Atlanta. He is married to Maggie Greene.

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    Glenn was a delivery boy living in Macon, Georgia when the zombie outbreak began. Swimming in debt, he would do anything to get out of his financial situation which he did on occasion by stealing cars and being paid for it. However, he was still on the verge of losing his apartment and, though he had some falling out with his parents and never wanted to talk to them again, he regrets not being able to talk to them in his current situation.


    Glenn was created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.

    Story Arcs


    Glenn is not the same age as many of the others in the central survivor group. Using ingenuity he made it out of Atlanta and reached the group on the outer limits of the city. Due to his ability to scavenge very effectively he was picked to go into the city often and find supplies. He uses Macgyver like tactics to outsmart and kill zombies. To do this he successfully recovers guns for Jim.

    Hershel's farm

    Not long after Shane is dead, Glenn starts to develop a crush on Maggie although do to his shyness he did not act upon it after meeting.


    Glenn settled down in the prison with Maggie and helped the group find fuel and supplies from both the outside and the prison itself. He was later imprisoned by the Governor, which hurt him psychologically as he was forced to hear The Governor rape Maggie.

    After his escape and return to the prison he out of love for Maggie drove a car through the attacking zombie wave to get to her. After the zombies were killed he took a ring off one of the bodies and proposed to Maggie. Hershel married them shortly after, from this point on Glen put himself in danger for Maggie. Soon after their marriage Glenn and Maggie volunteered to be part of the group who traveled to the Army Center to stop the Woodbury enemies using it's fuel for their vehicles. The group was then attacked by Bruce and his friends, Glenn distracted allowed for Andrea to snipe Bruce and Michonne to kill the rest. He defended the Prison atop of one of the front gate sniper towers. When the group divided on what to do next, Glenn at the last minute decided to leave with Dale and Andrea in the R.V. This saved Sophia's (who sees Glen as her foster father) and Maggie's lives.


    The Prison was lost and the many of the survivors were killed, the small family stayed in Hershel's Farm with Dale and Andrea. Glenn did not like or trust Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Eugene Poter when they met the survivors at Hershel's Farm. However, he agreed to go with them to Washington for Eugene's mission than to stay at the farm any longer. On the road, Maggie’s attempted suicide by hanging herself. Glenn fought with Abraham after he said he was going to shoot her. Glenn cut her down and performed CPR. Glenn broke down in tears, and subsequently into anger at Abraham when the group realized she was still alive. Glenn's focus was no longer on scavenging or siphoning, but for caring for his new family and supporting Maggie in the deaths of her entire family.

    Alexandria Safe-zone

    Glenn, with the rest of the group, traveled to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Glenn was suspicious of the Safe-Zone's community but adapted more rapidly than Rick. Glenn's useful skills and agility made him a suitable applicant to once again be a scavenger and a replacement for the wounded Scott. Glenn’s new job made Maggie unhappy, due to the danger he would be in and they argued which resulted in Glenn leaving the house for a bit.

    Rick asked Glenn, do to his loyalty to steal back their guns and weapons, that were taken by Douglas Monroe, when they first came to the Safety-zone. Glenn made a distraction for the Community's survivors while he looked for the location of the weapons for Rick. Rick and Glen found the armory, and Glenn snuck in. Rick distributed the weapons among the members of their group. After a group of bandits and a herd attacked the community, Rick asserted himself as leader of the safe-zone and ordered Glen to scout the area for supplies for the coming winter.


    After Jesus approached the safe-zone looking to establish trade with a nearby town called Hilltop, Rick, Glenn and company agree to defend the town against a massive group of bandits called The Saviors in exchange for food and supplies. Following a few skirmishes which result in the death of numerous Saviors, Glen learns from Maggie that she is pregnant and decides that she, Sophia, and the new baby would be safer living as a family at Hilltop while Rick wages a war against The Savior's leader, Negan. During a second expedition to Hilltop, Glen and company are ambushed by fifty soldiers lead by Negan himself. Seeking reprisal for his massacred bandits, Negan decides that one of the safe-zone survivors must die to send a message that The Saviors "own" Rick and his friends. Negan then lines up the survivors, and beats Glen to death with a barbed-wire covered baseball bat.

    Other Media


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    Glenn is played by actor Steven Yeun. He is the scavenger of the group, who looks for supplies and goods. Glenn is loyal to Rick and Dale. He is always trying to do good things and support the other survivors. He found a pregnant test that Lori asked him to look for.

    As in the comic book, he has a romantic relationship with Maggie.

    Video Games

    The Walking Dead: The Game

    Glenn (voiced by Nick Herman) is encountered early in Episode 1. As in the comic book (the game is set in the same canon), he is a pizza delivery boy and the groups scavenger. By the end of the episode, he leaves for Atlanta.


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