Glenn Quagmire

    Character » Glenn Quagmire appears in 9 issues.

    Glenn Quagmire is an airline pilot with an interest in perverse sexual practices. He is also Peter’s best friend along with Joe and Cleveland.

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    Glen Quagmire is a sexually diviant airline pilot who is very well known for his popular catch phrases which include "Giggity Giggity Goo" (and variations thereof, excited), "Allright!" (Slyly) and "Oh!" (usually partnered with a pelvic thrust).

    Quagmire is described as being a heartless sex hound who is stuck in the 1950s days of swingers and rat-pack era. He has a large dictionary of sexual innuendo and is prone to like almost any fetish, from almost sleeping with his mother to almost sleeping with a dead woman.

    Quagmire is also said to have a dangerously sexual obsession with Peter Griffin's wife Lois Griffin. Many actions indicate this obsession from stealing toe nail clipping and pieces of hair to going through her trash cans at night. Quagmire has even been charged with sexual harrasment when caught spying on Lois Griffin in a public bathroom.

    Quagmire again finds himself in quicksand when he is caught sleeping with best friend Cleveland's wife Loretta Brown. This affair finally lead to Cleveland wanting Quagmire dead, despite Clevelands acceptance at first. Glen spends most of his days at the local pub "The Drunken Clam" with best friends Peter Griffen, Cleveland Brown and Joe Swanson

    Quagmire's first marrriage was to Joan whose last name is unknown. She is a maid who was first assigned to clean the Griffin's household, her and Glenn then fell instantly in love. Once Glenn had wed Joan he realises that despite being married he cannot change the way he looks at other girls and tries to fake his death to get out of the marriage. Joan is killed by death accidently during Quagmire's "funeral" in which he had also faked. 
    It is revealed in a recent episode that he hates Brian for being such a bore, a terrible father, and for hitting on Lois. Quagmire is also shown to have a foot fetish so much as he will sniff women's shoes while bowling and as a wedding gift Peter got him the foot of the Statue of Liberty so that Quagmire could sniff it. It is also revealed that the only that does not "excite" Quagmire is when people say rubbish instead of garbage. 
    In a newer episode, Quagmire saw his father who later revealed that he wanted a sex change operation to which Quagnire oposses. Quagmire later comes to accept his fathers decision but beats up Brian who slept with his father not knowing that she used to be a man.

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