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    Wife of Thane Alden, Mother of Lillian Alden. Youngest member of the Dicornian Royal Guard. Died at the hand of a Brood while in White Ash.

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    The elven warrior Glarien of Esha had many names in her homeland of Alfheim, Lady Death Sword, Bringer of Eternal Night, Revenger of the Red Plainsmen. She was a great and deadly fighter and a lustful lover. She met her husband Thane Alden when he rescued her from an assassin who drugged the warrior. Then she followed Thane to Earth, where she helped him build an alinace with the Dwarves that joined them there. Although Glarien never made it home to Alfheim, she felt liek she returned to her land when she gave birth to her daughter Lillian. Glarien was killed by an unnamed Brood, while defending Lillian and she died in Thane's arms.


    Glarien was created by Charlie Stickney and Conor Hughes for their Scout Comics series White Ash. She first appeared and died in a flashback in issue #4. Then about a year later Scout Comics released White Ash Presents Glarien, a book that had three stories of Glarien and expanded her backstory from being a protective mother to a great and deadly elven warrior.


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