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Glynis and Ilya Zarkov are a married couple who work as stage magicians and perform in a club which they own and allow other stage magicians perform as well. Unlike other stage magicians, however, Glamor and Illusion are mutants who use their superhuman powers to perform their amazing feats. Due to the fear and prejudice much of the populace feels towardsmutants, Glamor and Illusion pretend to be ordinary human beings who accomplish their "magic" feats through the usual trickery employed by stage magicians.

The Zarkovs spying on a group of biggots
The Zarkovs spying on a group of biggots

The Zarkovs liveed in the quiet town of Leonia, New Jersey. When the android Vision, and mutant Scarlet Witch first moved to Leonia. After moving in their neighbors didn't like the idea of having an android and mutant living in their neighborhood and decided to burn down their house to intimidated them to leave. Determined not to be intimidated, Vision and Scarlet Witch bought another house else where in the neighborhood. The Zarkov's feared that if the bigots tried to drive Vision and the Scarlet Witch away again, they might become the locals next target.

The Zarkovs then decided to protect Vision and Scarlet Witch in order to protect themselves. Spying on a group of local bigots one night, the Zarkovs learned that they planned to place a bomb in their house. The Zarkovs then used their powers to thwart the locals plans. But after stopping the biggots Vision arrived, and thought they were causing trouble so he attacked them. Enraged by this sneak attack Glamour and Illsion fought him in defense, and calmed him down. The couple then told him what happened. Hearing this Vision felt horrible for what he did and apologized to them. Since then the Zarkovs have became friends with Vision and Scarlet Witch.

The Life of Thieves

When the Glamor, Illusion, Vision, and Scarlet Witch went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The Couple invited them to one of their shows for the festival. Wanda and Vision promised they would make it but had their own problems dealing with Enchantress. While hoping the see their friends the couple started their performance by putting Glynis in a straight jacket, then a burlap sack, and finally in a tank full of water to perform a Houdini act. But the couple were really planing to steal a jewel necklace.

So Glynis altered her molecules to make herself a semi-liquid organism, and Illusion created a hole in the tank for her to get out and pull the heist, while Illusion stalls the crowd for her to get the necklace. She then reverted back to her original form, but turned her skin into a satin outfit, and created face paint to make herself blend in with the Mardi Gras crowd. Finally reaching the room Glynnis made her body elastic to enter through the room key hole. With her task completed she hurried back to the stage, turned back into her liquid organism form and hid under a tarp her husband threw on the floor for her to regain her orginal form, and clothing.

After Wanda gave birth to her twin sons, the couple then worried that thier friends would eventually find out they are thieves, and think ill of them pulling jewel heists to make their income so they decided to distance themselves from their friends until they moved. Recently Glamor was attacked by a demon. Due to the attack she was in a coma. Lyja tried to kill the demon but it killed him. She is still in a coma and is unaware of what has happened to Lyja.


Glamor has the superhuman ability to control the molecules of her body mentally. The origin of her power has not yet been revealed. So far few of the uses of Glamor's ability have been observed, but it is known that she can control the density of her molecules. Hence she can become virtually intangible, and in that state can walk through walls, when nearly intangible, she can even touch the Vision even if he is at the same degree of intangibility. When she increases the density of her molecules she can increase her strength or weight of her body.

She also has displayed the abiltiy to turn into a semi- liquid mass and make her body become whatever she touches like when she turned her skin into satin, or alter her apperance by creating facial paint. She also can make herself elastic to a degree that she can enter any room through any size of hole, crack, or key hole (as seen in The Vision and Scarlet Witch Issue 9) it is unknown if she could stretch her limbs at will but it could be possible. Glamor can also use her mental control to make her body separate into segments without harming herself, and then be able to rejoin the segments of her body to regain her normal form. But this was never shown.


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