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Up to recently my favourite fight scene was where Gladiator defeated the Fantastic Four way back in FF #249, but with the arrival of the many new great comics this year I'm now not so sure!!!!! I do really like the Guardians of the Galaxy episode where Gladiator rushes towards Lilandra knocking every one flying, brilliant.  
So, what's your favourite fight scene guys?
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#2 Posted by King Quisling (2073 posts) - - Show Bio

Guy Gardner Vs Doomsday.
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I don't know about my favorite, but the one that sticks with me the most is the one where Night Thrasher curb-stomped Gideon in a page and a half.
It probably stuck with me because that issue was awesome.

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Um, post fights with Gladiator, guys. Not randomized bouts.
And, I'd say my favorite with Gladiator would be his tussle with Cannonball during the 2000 Christmas Special 100 Page Monster. Cannonball shown his true colors during this fight.

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Seriously?!!!!! That was one of my least favourite ones, but then again if your a Cannonball fan then fair play!!  

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Simple the comic book is Cult, the scene Batman vs Deacon Blackfire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My favorite Gladiator scene is this. . .  

The stunning defeat of the Fantastic Four by Gladiator
The stunning defeat of the Fantastic Four by Gladiator

When I read it I found out it was true ;  The FF had been thoroughly defeated! 
I couldn't believe it!  The Thing, not to mention the rest of the team, had been beaten by Gladiator!
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Favorite I'm not really sure. least favorite against Colossus, the Fight was complete BS they were portrayed as equals. which is ridiculos because Gladiator>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Colossus

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