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    Character » Gizmo Duck appears in 37 issues.

    The bodyguard of Scrooge McDuck and his Money Bin. He was MIA for a year. In which time, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer had the suit for a little bit, but now he is back. "Blatherin' Blatherskite!"

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    Giz is also a constant annoyance to Darkwing Duck. He is often seen as more popular than Darkwing. An interesting fact is that Drake (Darkwing) and Fenton both are friends with Launchpad McQuack, so they both have a common ground.


    Gyro Gearloose created the Gizmo Duck armor to protect Uncle Scrooge's money bin. Fenton Crackshell (Scrooge's accountant), wanting to protect the money (and get back Scrooge's Number One dime from the Beagle Boys), tries to put on the suit. Of course, he was only able to put it one when he accidentally said the magic word--Blatherin Blatherskite!--and he easily defeated the Beagles.

    Major Arcs

    Gosmo Duck

    Recently, Gyro Gearloose changed the password to thort Bulba. So, When Gosalyn Waddlemeyer said, "Keen Gear," she became the new possessor of the Gizmo Duck armor. She continued using this mantle until it was destroyed, in the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings arc, after it was damaged by Werewolf Darkwing. She gave up this persona after that event.

    Dangerous Currency

    Crackshell returned however after being gone a year. He had been abducted by Magica and Eve-IL to identify Scrooge's number one dime. He escaped however and came to warn Scrooge and Darkwing Duck of the coming danger. He is twisted by some of the mysterious ink and becomes evil, but this is stopped by the quick thinking of Scrooge.

    Gizmos (about the Gizmo Duck Armor!)

    A self propelled security system of incredible strength and fire power.

    When he says "Blatherin' Blatherskite!" (magical phrase that transforms him into Gizmo-Duck), which was the third word in a thesaurus meaning Nonsense. It is revealed that anyone can say the password and become Gizmo duck. However, when Taurus Bulba says the password, he is unable to become Gizmo Duck, as he is not considered alive (cyborg). In other words it only response to living non-robot people.

    One of the beagles, megabit beagle, was once able to create a remote control for Gizmo Duck for Ma beagle, who preceded to use Fenton to get what she wanted. It was ultimately destroyed, but the memory still haunts Giz.


    Launchpad McQuack

    Once, Louie, dewey and huey guessed gizmo duck is non other than Launchpad, much to the the annoyance of Gizmo duck. The beagle boys try to kidnap him, but they see Finton in the suit and think its Launchpad. To make matters worse, in a speech to the plublic in attempt to show he is not gizmo duck, Launchpad says the magic words and the armor is put on him. After the chaos created by the clueless launchpad, Finton is able to save the day himself and becomes a hero. The boys make a new list of possible gizmo duck secret identities. Finton is second on the list right after Mrs. Beakley.

    Child version

    Recently, in Uncle Scrooge # 392, Webby and the nephews ( Huey, Dewey, and Louie) built their own version of the Gizmo Duck suit. The boys argue about letting Webby (a girl) use the suit. As one might guess, she does end up in the costume, and attempts to thwart the Beagle Boys from robbing Scrooge’s art collection. The Boys eventually see through the disguise, and hold the children for ransom, until the real Gizmo Duck makes an appearance and saves the day.

    Darkwing Doubloon: Gizmo Duck

    This version is set in the past in the time of pirates. He is the friend of Darkwing

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    Doubloon. With the help of Doubloon, Gosayln, Launchpad, stegmutt. This Gizmo seems to have a motor in his suit to move, even with the time period.

    DuckTales (2017)

    Gizmoduck appears in the revived series, now known as Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera. He is more optimistic than his previous incarnation and works as an assistant to Gyro Gearloose, he also helped Gyro create the Gizmosuit. Gyro only wanted Fenton to wear the Gizmosuit for testing, but soon discovered he could use to be a hero. Scrooge later gives Gizmoduck a paid job protecting Duckburg, when he and his family are not around.


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