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Little is known about Gitara Moroso. She came to the White Tower as a young woman and was raised to the shawl some time after, joining the Blue Ajah. She served as advisor to Queen Mordrellen Mantear of Andor, and was responsible for sending the prince into the Blight, from which he never returned, and the daughter-heir to the Aiel Waste, where she joined the Maidens of the Spear. Both of these were done to fulfill Foretellings about the Dragon Reborn and the fate of the world. After the death of Queen Mordrellen and the ascension of Queen Morgase Trakand to the throne, Gitara was recalled to the Tower by Tamra Ospenya, who made her Keeper of the Chronicles.


Gitara was originally created by Robert Jordan for his book series The Wheel of Time, making her first appearance in the prequel, New Spring. She made her first comic appearance in Wheel of Time: New Spring #1, written by Jordan and Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Mike Miller.

Major Story Arcs

New Spring

During the Aiel War, while the Battle of the Shining Walls rages outside, Gitara sits with Tamra and writes a letter while two Accepted, Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche, are in attendance. Suddenly, Gitara arises and makes a Foretelling about the birth of the Dragon Reborn. She then dies from the strength of the Foretelling.

Powers and Abilities

Gitara is a channeler of some power. As a channeler, her lifespan is greatly expanded compared to regular humans. However, as an Aes Sedai and thus bound by the Three Oaths, her potential lifespan is shortened. She has the Talent of Foretelling, the uncontrolled ability to predict the future, and is extremely gifted at it. She is generally able to interpret her Foretellings with some degree of accuracy.

Other Media


The Wheel of Time

Moiraine was originally created for the Wheel of Time series of books. She has thus far appeared in one book in the series.


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