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    Character » Giselle Villard appears in 52 issues.

    Giselle is the mystic guardian of her homeworld of Ciress, and was trained by the Seven Spirits.

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    Giselle Villard's homeworld was called Ciress, and she grew up there with her sister Genevieve, who was a member of one of the Seven Guilds of Magic. On Ciress, magic dominated every aspect of life. The planet was a magnet for cosmic energy due to its position in the galaxy, and this accounted for the vast amount of magic that was performed on Ciress.

    There were seven Magic Guilds that ruled Ciress, and each Guild controlled a different aspect of magic. The Seven Magic Guilds were the Dark Magi, Astral, Shaman, Enchantress, Tantric, Djinn, and Nouveau, with each being led by a powerful Guild Master.

    Of the two Villard sisters, Genevieve was the one who was gifted with great magical talent, while Giselle was merely considered to be her socialite sister who would rather party than study the magical arts. Once Genevieve reached adulthood, she was to become Master of the Nouveau Guild via a magic ritual. Giselle was meant to be merely a spectator at the ritual, but once it commenced, unexpected things began to happen. A stranger appeared and marked Giselle with a Sigil. Then, during Genevieve's Ascension ritual, something went wrong and it was Giselle who received the Nouveau Guild's Eternal Spirit, rather than Genevieve. But the Sigil did not stop there and Giselle somehow received the Spirits of the six other Guilds as well. This transformed Giselle from a woman with little magical talent into an immensely powerful sorceress, and with the guidance of the Seven Eternal Spirits she gained an innate knowledge of very advanced magic (which she was now able to perform without preparation or incantation). Of course with great power came great responsibility, and Giselle was forced to set aside her former life as a wild socialite and become far more serious about magic.

    Giselle could now cast many powerful spells with ease, including those that could command giant golems. She defeated the evil Animora, one of the powerful beings known as the First, in combat, and Animora later became an arch-nemesis of sorts. Giselle even destroyed another evil member of the First by absorbing its energy through her Sigil. When Giselle fought Solusandra, the god-like creator of the Sigils, she was actually able to put up a decent fight. On her various adventures, Giselle had a magical familiar called Skitter (a splinter aspect of Danik) guide her and test her on the use of the Sigil (such as when he released a creature that absorbed magic, forcing Giselle to use only the power of Sigil to defeat it). 

    Giselle defeated Animora a second time utilizing one of her recently learned abilities of energy absorption, which unfortunately allowed Animora to establish a psychic link between them. This caused Giselle's personality to be altered and once again she became a wild party girl, this time with a malicious streak. Afterwards Giselle was approached by another member of the First. He took Giselle to see Ingra, one of the most powerful "gods" of her world. Ingra fought Giselle and then revealed to Giselle that Animora had been greatly influencing her behavior for the past few weeks. Ingra used the thin psychic tether between Giselle and Animora to bring Animora to her, after which she sent Giselle on her way and thanked her for an invigorating encounter, but not before letting slip that other Sigil-bearers exist.
    After gaining her powers Giselle became romantically involved with two different men, named Thierry and Darrow. But both relationships failed, since Thierry was caught having an affair with her sister Genevieve, while it turned out that Darrow only wanted to kill Giselle and seize her magical power for himself.   

    WIth the mystical guidance of all seven of the Eternal Spirits, Giselle can cast a variety of spells from every one of the Guilds. As master of the Nouveau Guild, Giselle has managed to fight all six of the other Guild Masters at once, and defeated them with a powerful burst of energy. Giselle became feared by the other Guild Masters because of the strange gift with which she was bestowed. 

    After her confrontation with Solusandra, Giselle's sigil is removed from her right hand along with the six other guild spirit minus Magus who escaped earlier. Heart broken without her sigil and inability to tap into her latent magic, Skitter transport her to the nether realm where magic seems to be lock away, with the help of Yeti and Atook she manage to unlock her magical ability just as the sigil did. With that she manage to help her sister thwart's Magus invasion, just in time for  Samandahl to appear and enlist her aid for the upcoming Negation War that was about to come. 

    Note on Crossgen Comics

    Crossgen Comics filed for bankruptcy before the series finished. The eventual fate of all the Sigil bearers was to be that they would all fight each other in a large brawl, but were then to join forces to stave off the incoming Negation invasion. 


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