Giscard Epurer

    Character » Giscard Epurer appears in 21 issues.

    The Favor Banker is an exceptional athlete and martial artist. He is an expert at manipulating events and has come into conflict with Nomad multiple times.

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    Nearly 20 years ago, Epurer evaded a political dilemma by performing a delicate assignment for a benefactor who removed him from the situation. Unchecked, the scenario killed Epurer's two daughters and drove away his wife Chantal. Bereft of family and innocence alike, he vowed to save others from such fates. Less pragmatic men might base costumed careers on such a vow, but Epurer curried influence around the world, helping others from whom he accrued favors to help still others and, incidentally, himself.

    Epurer encountered Nomad when he manipulated the latter into acquiring confidential documents; they met again when Nomad and others targeted prominent criminals meeting to divide resources temporarily lost by the Kingpin. Deciding Nomad would better suit his purposes dead, he assisted the mother of Nomad's infant charge Bucky in retrieving her daughter, but the woman failed to kill Nomad in return.

    Epurer sent her to infiltrate Senator Bart Ingrid's National Force organization, whose dismantlement he deemed a higher priority. When she perished, Epurer sent Nomad himself, who killed Ingrid and his followers. While Nomad was believed dead, Epurer replaced him as Bucky's foster father until the Winters family adopted her.


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