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Average start to a potentially good series

This is my first review here so please bear with me.
When I first heard that Marvel was going to publish a limited series produced by a female-only creative team, I was somewhat conflicted. On the one hand, I think it's great that they're trying to showcase female creators and show female readers that there are indeed women comic book writers, artists, letterers, inkers, and you name it. This is a great opportunity for them, and also to appeal to a different audience (as the comic book reading community is said to be largely male). On the other hand, these creators have been around for years, and I had never heard of a lot of them, even though their work is clearly great. Ming Doyle's art for exmple is something that I'd happily buy in a regular comic book. But my point is, why is the only chance they're getting in a book called Cirl Comics? Why is Marvel taking it upon themselves to make an entire new title for these creators, when they would probably be better off working on normal titles? So I went into this a little uneasy, but looking forward to it nonetheless.
Confiction aside, this is an average collection. The danger with anthologies will always be that they contain the good AND the bad. I've never really been into anthologies because I'm a more devoted reader who wants to get more for my money. Having said this, I didn't dislike this collection; there were a couple of highlights which I will talk about a bit more.
The introduction page was nicely presented and a good, well, introduction. Nothing ground-breaking there. 
The Nightcrawler stoory by Willow Wilson and Ming Doyle, as I mentioned, was great to look at, but didn't really offer much in terms of story. The thing is seven pages long and basically one thing happens. I just think it was a bit of a wasted opportunity (especially as I'm such a fan of Nightcrawler, this was disappointing). 
The Trina Robbins and Stephanie Buscema Venus story seemed rather long but the characterisation was good and I thought the art style was great. 
The short Punisher piece by Valerie D'Orazio and Nikki Cook I found quite funny and entertaining, though a tad predictable. 
After this there's a She-Hulk pinup by Sana Takeda which I really don't think belongs in this collection. I know it's a parody of a previous She-Hulk cover but, really Marvel, what are you doing? Also, her foot is on back-to-front which just makes it comical, and also unattractive. 
This is somewhat redeemed by Lucy Knisley's Doc Oc story which I found very funny, even though I don't really know anything about the character beyond the Spider-Man films. 
The Clockwork Nightmare piece by Robin Firth and Agnes Garbowska follows Franklin and Valeria Richards, and really reads more like a picture book. It actually has large chunks of writing for the majority of it. Not my kind of thing, probably better off being aimed at small children. 
The final story by Devin Grayson and Emma Rios is probably one of my favourites as it features X-characters and probably contributes the most to that universe. Also the art is really nice.
 Apart from this you get some double-page spread biographies of prominent women who worked at Marvel in the past, which is interesting and informative, especially as I hadn't heard of them before.
So there's 3 out of 8 actual pieces that I definitely did enjoy (not counting the Venus one because it just went on and on), which is pretty poor really. However, I'm willing to give this another chance and will be buying the next issue (and probably the final one after that because I'm a completist) as I'm interested to discover more female creative teams, and as this seems like one of the only places to find those right now, I don't really have a choice.


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