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In the 31st Century, mutants have abandoned the Earth and settled a new world known as New Haven. Over the generations less and less mutants were born until only nine mutants were left.

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When Giraud, a human inhabitant of the mutant-settled world of Haven, wanted to help overthrow the remaining mutant ruling class, Starhawk led him to a nearby volcano that housed the Phoenix Force. Giraud was asked to host the Phoenix Force and accepted, "becoming the 9th sentient being since Jean Grey to host the Phoenix" and was dubbed Phoenix IX. Phoenix fed on Haven's core, destroying the Planet, but he used the power from the planets destruction to transport the population to Main Frame's World. Giraud had himself placed under psychic inhibitors to keep the Phoenix in check.

Unfortunately for a team of villains known as the Intimidators, they brought back Korvac and tried to take over Main Frame's world. In doing so they disabled the inhibitors, allows Giraud to access his powers and defeat Korvac and his lackeys.

He later becomes a member of the Galactic Guardians, an offshoot of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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Formerly just a normal human, Giraud derives all his abilities from the Phoenix Force. His primary ability is telekinesis which he uses to move, lift, and manipulate matter with his mind, fire flaming psionic force bolts, project nearly impervious psionic shields that can withstand almost any attack, and fly via levitation. He can absorb virtually any source of energy, even drain stars and planets till they explode. He can teleport objects over virtually any distance, however massive objects require that he absorb a large amount of energy first. Phoenix IX can also generate and control cosmic flames by using pyrokinesis, and the flames often take the shape of a bird around him whenever he fully utilizes his powers.

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