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    The fifth protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures (GioGio), he is the main character of the Vento Aureo arc and unlike previous JoJo's who were all descended from Jonathan Joestar, he was the son of Jonathan's enemy, Dio Brando.

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    Golden Wind

    Giorno Giovanna initially appeared as a taxi driver in Italy. After accidentally killed a gangster with his stand "Gold Experience", he was investigated by another gang member named Bruno Bucciarati. Giorno fought with Bucciarati for a while and discovered Bucciarati is a kind man who has a sense of justice. After then, Giorno refused to fight with Bucciarati and decided to make friend with him. He found Bucciarati was dissatisfied about the fact that his organization "Passion" was selling drugs in Italy, and then told his plan to join the organization and work his way up the ranks. His final goal was to find out the mysterious Boss of the organization and kill him to stop drug deals in Italy. Bucciarati was moved by his dream and helped him to join the organization, then Giorno started his adventure to achieve his dream——to become a "Gang-Star".

    Gold Experience

    Giorno Giovanna finds out he was a Stand User and he is able to summon a stand named "Gold Experience" if he wants. A stand is an entity generated from people's life energy, and each stand possesses a unique superpower. People who were able to summon Stand were called Stand Users. Like all Stand Users, Giorno can summon Gold Experience when he wants or hide it inside his body.

    Gold Experience appears like a slender person with a metal helmet and golden skin. As a close-range stand, it can only stay one or two meters away from Giorno's body after being summoned. Its power (physical strength) was ranked "C" by the standard of stands, which is not incredible. However, Gold Experience possesses the special ability of creating lifes. It can transform objects into living creatures like animals or plants, it can also charge life energy to other people's bodies to heal other people, or creating parts of bodies to replace damaged organs. With such incredible power, Gold Experience can be used in a wide range of ways.

    Powers of Gold Experience

    • Life Manipulation: Gold Experience can charge life energy into other objects by touching. This ability can be used in many ways. It can make plants grow faster, this theoretical works for humans or other animals. By charging life energy, it can transform inorganic objects into living things, such as insects, frogs, snakes. Gold Experience can also transform inorganic objects into parts of bodies, Giorno can use created parts to replace other people's or his body parts. He can heal other people by replacing damaged organs in this way, although it's a painful process. Gold Experience can also transform other people's detached body parts into living things, such as a tooth, a finger, and so on. When doing this transformation, animals transformed from a certain people's body part would automatically search and follow its owner. Life energy charging also has a rarely used effect on other people. When punching other people's bodies, Gold Experience can charge a large amount of life energy which accelerates other people's thoughts. Then people who get hit will feel like his mind flowed out from body, this person will lose control on his body for a while.
    • Fast Punches: Although Gold Experience doesn't have an extremely strong physical strength, its speed was ranked "A" by the standard of stands. Gold Experience can throw extremely fast punches to opponents with speed fast enough to create multiple afterimages and makes sounds like a machine gun. Most people and objects will be severely hurt after being attacked by a round of fast punches.
    • Reverse Attack: A rarely used power of Gold Experience. When directly hit by an attack, Gold Experience seems can absorb the impulse and reverse back to the opponent.

    Gold Experience Requiem

    After being stabbed by a Stand-creating Arrow, Gold Experience evolved into a stronger stand named "Gold Experience Requiem". Gold Experience Requiem went out from Gold Experience's body after it cracked into pieces. Its top part of the head seems splits into several pieces, looks like a crown grew out from its head. This new stand generated its own consciousness, it automatically protects Giorno and is proved able to speak. Gold Experience Requiem possesses a new power which is reverting anything to "zero". It also has largely increased power and strength compare to Gold Experience.

    Powers of Gold Experience

    • Revert anything to "zero": Gold Experience Requiem has the ability to revert anything to "zero". This ability's specific effects and limits are described ambiguously in comics. The closest explanation is that Gold Experience Requiem seems able to bend reality to make something not happen if it doesn't want it to happen. This ability seems mainly used to protect Giorno. When any people try to attack Giorno, Gold Experience Requiem will trigger this ability to make this attack unhappened.
    • Revert death into "zero": Any people who punched by Gold Experience Requiem will experience death for infinite times, people will feel like getting killed again and again but never reaches a real death. This ability seems based on a time loop or illusion world, but the actual principle stays unknown.
    • Enhanced strength: Gold Experience Requiem possesses largely increased physical strength compared to Gold Experience. By sightly flicking a finger toward a small piece of rock, it speeds up the rock like a bullet and penetrates a person's hand.

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