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When a young man named Adam Berman applied for a position at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the headmasters--Banshee and Emma Frost-- chose Berman's long-time academic rival Ginny Mahoney instead.

Simultaneously, Berman had also been noticed by Bastion leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance, an organization dedicated to the eradication of mutantkind. Bastion converted Mahoney into a Prime Sentinel and charged her with the mission of infiltrating Xavier's School, and publicly destroy Berman. Mahoney witnessed Berman using his power on local bully Jocko Wilkins to frighten him away, and began to make romantic overtones towards Berman in order to obtain a saliva sample from his mouth (so naturally, she kissed him).  

Determined to convince Banshee to let him into Xavier's School, Berman met with him at the School, but Emma Frost used her telepathic powers to activate his own abilities. Berman scrapped with Banshee before realizing that he was a mutant as well, then fled. The next day, Banshee gave a lecture at Berman's school, just as Mahoney made her assault upon Berman. Using the sample she had obtained earlier, she activated his powers, causing him to run amock. She then stepped into the fray in Prime Sentinel mode, claiming to be "protecting" by-standers from "the mutant menace". Banshee and Berman fought Mahoney, and in the midst of the battle, Berman observed that the only person injuring by-standers was Mahoney herself-- she was the true menace. Faced with this fact, Mahoney returned to normal, kissed Berman one last time, then fled the scene.    
 Ginny was the valedictorian of her graduating class and was recruited specifically to infiltrate the Xavier Institute, home of the Generation X team.
- Ginny was identified as Unit #1031.
- Bastion destroyed Ginny when she failed to complete her assignment due to emotional and moral conflicts with her Sentinel programming.


Hair: brown (as Ginny) auburn (as a Prime Sentinel)
Eyes: yellow (as a Prime Sentinel) 


Employed nanomorphic molecular tissue to shift between normal human and Sentinel hunter modes, gaining enhanced strength, reflexes, durability, expansive force fields, regenerative powers capable of sustaining both organic and technological components, multiple scanning modes (thermal, x-ray, bio-kinetic, sonic, sub-visual, mutagenic signatures), plasma blasts, laser light beams, annihilation beam, bio-blasts keyed to the specific genetic structure of a given target, electronic cloaking measures, and boot rockets for flight


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