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Ginji was found abandoned in the Infinity Fortress as a child, a ghetto slum filled with junkies, criminals, and super-powered beings. He was brought up by a man called Takeru Teshimine who taught him how to survive in the Infinity Fortress.

One day, one of his friends was killed in one of the constant attacks from the people from the middle level of the fortress and in anger he released a burst of thunder from his body, his black hair turned blonde, and he instantly destroyed them giving birth to the "Lighting Emperor."

He later brought all the gangs of lower Infinity Fortress together and formed "The VOLTS."


The VOLTS were a powerful gang who ruled lower Infinity Fortress with Ginji as their leader as the "Lightning Emperor." Under him were the four kings, MakubeX, Shido, Kazuki and Masaki.

They brought peace to lower town protecting the people from the Beltline(middle of the Infinity Fortress) and kept a lid on the violence within lower town.

Ban Mido later entered the Infinity Fortress and was attacked by members of the VOLTS but they where no match for him. After beating most of the crew Ginji appeared furious and told him, "This is VOLTS territory. Leave if you don't want to die." At the end of the fight(unknown who won) they had an mysterious conversation. Ban left a few days later. Ginji left the Infinity Fortress ending the VOLTS era.

The GetBackers

Wandering around Tokyo he entered a coffee shop called "Honky Tonk" owned by a man named Paul Wan, Wan commented on how he looks sad and whats wrong and gave him a cup of coffee.

He then met up with Ban Mido and the pair were seen listening to two men on how to be retrievers. Ban and Ginji at that moment they decided to form the GetBackers.

"If it was taken, we'll get it back." - GetBacker's motto. Their success rate is 100%.

They went on various missions assigned to them by their coordinator Heaven.


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