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Proper Japanese Title: 傾城逆転

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 381. "Presents should be sent early" (贈り物はお早めに)
  • Lesson 382. "Seems talk of otoshidama usually results in an outburst of toilet humor" (お年玉は下ネタとの相性がバツグン)
  • Lesson 383. "When You're Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Be Careful You Don't Cook Your ***tama" (コタツで寝る時は○玉熱しないよう気をつけろ)
  • Lesson 384. "Inspecting Love Begins With An Inspection" (監察の恋は観察から始まる)
  • Lesson 385. "In The End, The Parents Don't Like Anyone The Kid Brings Home" (結局親は誰が来ても気にくわない)
  • Lesson 386. "The Prostitute That Turns The Tables" (傾城逆転)
  • Lesson 387. "Eww! Not You Old Man!!" (じいやはいや-!!)
  • Lesson 388. "I Daresay We're In The Palace!!" (殿中でござる!!)
  • Lesson 389. "The Guys Who Go To Sleep First At Slumber Parties Are Usually Up To No Good" (お泊り会は先に寝た奴からイタズラされる)

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