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Proper Japanese Title: Oyako-tte no wa Yana toko bakari Niru mon da (親子ってのは嫌なとこばかり似るもんだ)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 023. "You Only Gotta Wash Under the Armpits---Just the Armpits" (脇だけ洗っときゃいいんだよ 脇だけ "Waki dake Arattokya iindayo Waki dake")
  • Lesson 024. "Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time" (昔の武勇伝は三割増で話せ盛り上がればいいんだよ 盛り上がれば "Mukashi no Buyūden wa Sanwarimashi de Hanase Moriagareba iindayo Moriagareba")
  • Lesson 025. "You Say Kawaiiii so Often, You Must Think You're Cute Stuff" (カワイイを連発する自分自身をカワイイと思ってだろ お前ら "Kawaii o Renpatsu suru Jibunjishin o Kawaii to Omotte daro Omaera")
  • Lesson 026. "You Can Forget to Bring Spare Undies on a Voyage, Just Don't Forget UNO" (旅にはパンツは忘れてもUNOは忘れるな "Tabi ni wa Pantsu wa Wasuretemo Uno wa Wasureru na")
  • Lesson 027. "When You're in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing..." (困った時は笑っとけ笑っとけ "Komatta Toki wa Warattoke Warattoke")
  • Lesson 028. "Oh Yeah! Our Crib is Number One!" (ああ やっぱり我が家が一番だわ "Aa Yappari Wagaya ga Ichiban da wa")
  • Lesson 029. "You Really Think You Can Study for Exams By Listening to Music!? Turn it off Already!!" (音楽なんて聴きながら受験勉強なんてできると思ってんのか お前は! もう切りなさい! "Ongaku Nante Kikinagara Juken Benkyō nante dekiru to Omotten no ka Omae wa! Mō Kirinasai!")
  • Lesson 030. "Its Not the Bad Guys Who Cause Calamities, Its the Hyperactive Types" (事件は悪い奴が起こすんじゃないはしゃぎすぎた奴が起こすんだ "Jiken wa Warui Yatsu ga Okosun ja nai Hashagisugita Yatsu ga Okosunda")
  • Lesson 031. "Sons Only Take After Their Father's Negative Attributes" (親子ってのは嫌なとこばかり似るもんだ "Oyako-tte no wa Yana toko bakari Niru mon da")

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