Gin Tama #4

    Gin Tama » Gin Tama #4 - Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time released by Viz on January 2008.

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    Everyone desperately attempts to get some R & R this time! Our cute and invincible warrior Kagura spirits a genuine princess out of the confines of her castle to shop for candy, gamble her riches, and fish for kappa (water spirits)--all while dodging a troop of elite police. But rest looks to be in the stars when Kagura wins an outer-space trip for three. Unfortunately, her relaxing vacation with her pals is continually interrupted by dognappers, spaceship hijackers, and giant sand monsters. Fortunately, the Odd Jobs Trio returns home just in time for a soothing summer festival. Until…robots run amuck!

    Chapter Titles

    • Lesson 023. "You Only Gotta Wash Under the Armpits---Just the Armpits"

    Kagura accepts to become the friend of a runaway princess and to show her how to have fun, but the Shinsengumi won’t let that happen.

    • Lesson 024. "Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time"

    Cats Punch, a group of interplanetary thief are in town and they want Catherine to join back, no matters what she got to say about it.

    • Lesson 025. "You Say Kawaiiii so Often, You Must Think You're Cute Stuff"

    Ham-girl is back with a job for Gintoki, rescuing her boyfriend from a bunch of assassin’s part of a local yakuza group.

    • Lesson 026. "You Can Forget to Bring Spare Undies on a Voyage, Just Don't Forget UNO"

    Kagura win three tickets for a space trip and decide to take Gintoki & Shinpachi with her. While in space they meet with an old friend of Gin and a bunch of terrorist that want to take all the passengers as hostage. The trio eventually stop them but now they are at the mercy of a ship without a pilot until Tatsuma appear to save the day!

    • Lesson 027. "When You're in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing..."

    Well it seems even Tatsuma could not save that ship from crashing into a distant planet, but his crew came to help soon enough. We also get a glimpse of Tatsuma & Gintoki past in the defence force and see a little of Gin heroism personality.

    • Lesson 028. "Oh Yeah! Our Crib is Number One!"

    There a panty thief on the loose, will our heroes be able to catch him or will they destroy themselves with their elaborates plans to protect the sanctity of Tae?

    • Lesson 029. "You Really Think You Can Study for Exams By Listening to Music!? Turn it off Already!!"

    Ms. Otose send Gintoki on a mission in the neighbourhood to get rid of some irritating noise, only to find an old man working on robots for a upcoming festival. While the old man is in despair due to the destruction of his project for the event he receives the visit of an old acquaintance that goes by the name of Shinsuke Takasugi.

    • Lesson 030. "Its Not the Bad Guys Who Cause Calamities, Its the Hyperactive Types"

    The festival begins! Everything is pretty dull until the main event begins, the old man robots make big fireworks but their real aim seems to be the Shogun.

    • Lesson 031. "Sons Only Take After Their Father's Negative Attributes"

    We learn that the old man son was abandoned by the government when they allied themselves with the amanto and rejected the samurai ways, so he finally get to inflict some revenge by attacking the shogun. So Gintoki’s and the Shinsengumi’s team up to prevent a bloodbath and help the old man to get over is hatred for the government in place.



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