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Proper Japanese Title: Natsuyasumi wa hajimaru mae ga ichiban tanoshii (夏休みは始まる前が一番楽しい)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 167. "Listen to What Other People Say to You" (人の話をちゃんと聞け "Hito no hanashi wo chanto kike")
  • Lesson 168. "Rhythm and Timing Are Useful in Any Endeavor" (何事もノリとタイミング "Nanigoto mo norito TAIMINGU")
  • Lesson 169. "Unlikable Things Are Adorable" (好かれないものほど愛おしい "Sukarenai mono hodo itoshii")
  • Lesson 170. "What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You" (知らぬが仏 "Shiranu ga hotoke")
  • Lesson 171. "A Man Must Never Give Up" (男なら諦めるな "Otoko nara akirameru na")
  • Lesson 172. "I Hate Myself Because I Almost Always Leave My Umbrella Somewhere" (ほぼ100%の確率でビニール傘を置き忘れてくる自分が嫌い "Hobo 100% no kakuritsu de biniiru kasa o okiwasurete kuru jibun ga kirai")
  • Lesson 173. "Life Is a Test" (人生は試験だ "Jinsei wa shiken da")
  • Lesson 174. "The Best Part of Summer Vacation Is Before It Begins" (夏休みは始まる前が一番楽しい "Natsuyasumi wa hajimaru mae ga ichiban tanoshii")
  • Lesson 175. "It's Important to Spend a Little Time Alone" (一人の時間も大事 "Hitori no jikan mo daiji")

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