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Proper Japanese Title: 男達よマダオであれ

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 149. "Life and Video Games Are Full of Bugs" (人生もゲームもバグだらけ)
  • Lesson 150. "Disasters Come in Threes" (2度あることは3度ある)
  • Lesson 151. "Even Heroes Have Problems" (ヒーローだって悩んでる)
  • Lesson 152. "Try to See People's Good Points Instead of the Bad" (人の短所を見るより長所を見つけられる人になれ)
  • Lesson 153. "When You're on a Train, Hold On to the Straps with Both Hands" (電車に乗るときは必ず両手を吊り革に)
  • Lesson 154. "Men, Be Dorks" (男達よマダオであれ)
  • Lesson 155. "Love Conquers All" (愛は勝つ)
  • Lesson 156. "If You Want to Lose Weight, Move" (やせたいなら動け)
  • Lesson 157. "If You Want to Lose Weight, Don't Eat" (やせたいなら食べるな)

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