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Proper Japanese Title: Gēmu wa ichinichi ichijikan (ゲームは一日一時間)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 140. "Please Cooperate in Separating the Trash" (ゴミの分別回収にご協力ください)
  • Lesson 141. "There Are No Save Points in Real Life" (人生にセーブポイントはない)
  • Lesson 142. "Nothing Can Compete With a Woman's Tears" (女の涙に勝るものなし)
  • Lesson 143. "Too Much Cute Is Creepy" (可愛いモノも多すぎると気持ち悪い)
  • Lesson 144. "Western Songs Are Hard To Learn" (洋楽は皆うろ覚え)
  • Lesson 145. "People Who Say They Are Doing it For the Sake of Another Are Mostly Doing it for Themselves" (誰々のためにとか言う奴は大抵自分のためだったりする)
  • Lesson 146. "Some Data Cannot be Deleted" (消せないデータもある)
  • Lesson 147. "Only One Hour of Video Games per Day" (ゲームは一日一時間 Gēmu wa ichinichi ichijikan)
  • Lesson 148. "Don't Spent Your Whole Day Off Playing Video Games" (休みだからってゲームばっかやっちゃダメ)

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