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Proper Japanese Title: Onna no ichiban no keshō wa egao (女の一番の化粧は笑顔)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 122. "Everyone Cares About Somebody" (誰もが誰かを思ってる "Dare mo ga dare ka o omotteru")
  • Lesson 123. "The Best Makeup for Women Is Their Smiles" (女の一番の化粧は笑顔 "Onna no ichiban no keshō wa egao")
  • Lesson 124. "You Can't Trust the Previews for Jump's Next Volume" (ジャンプの次号予告は当てにならない "Janpu no jigō yokoku wa ate ni naranai")
  • Lesson 125. "Always Practice "What If" Driving" (かもしれない運転で行け "Kamoshirenai unten de ike")
  • Lesson 126. "Dog's Paws Smell Crispy like Popcorn" (犬の肉球はこうばしい匂いがする "Inu no nikukyū wa kōbashii nioi ga suru")
  • Lesson 127. "If You Sleep with the Air Conditioner On, You'll Catch a Cold" (クーラーはタイマーで切れるようにしてから寝ないと風邪ひくよ "Kūrā wa taimā de kireru yō ni shite kara nenai to kazehiku yo")
  • Lesson 128. "Social Status Has Nothing to Do with Being Lucky" (運に身分は関係ない "Un ni mibun wa kankeinai")
  • Lesson 129. "When You're Too Absorbed in Counting Sheep, You End Up Not Sleeping Well" (羊数えるの自体に夢中になったりして結局 眠れないことも多い "Hitsuji kazoeru no jitai ni muchū ni nattari shite kekkyoku nemurenai koto mo ooi")
  • Lesson 130. "If You Eat Too Much Spicy Food, You Will Get Hemorrhoids" (辛いもんばっか食べてっと痔になるぞ "Karai monbakka tabetetto ji ni naru zo")

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