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Proper Japanese Title: Kinō no teki wa kyō mo nan'ya kan'ya de teki (昨日の敵は今日もなんやかんやで敵)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 104. "All Mothers Are More or Less the Same" (どこの母ちゃんもだいたい同じ "Doko no kāchan mo daitai onaji")
  • Lesson 105. "Don't Eat Too Much Kaki-Pi" (柿ピーはあんまり食べ過ぎちゃダメ)
  • Lesson 106. "Don't Make Chomping Sounds when You Eat" (もの食べるときクチャクチャ音をたてない "Mono taberu toki kucha kucha oto o tatenai")
  • Lesson 107. "Men Have a Weakness for Girls Who Sell Flowers and Work in Pastry Shops" ("花屋とかケーキ屋の娘に男は弱い Hanaya toka kēkiya no musume ni otoko wa yowai")
  • Lesson 108. "Tasty Snacks Really Fill Your Stomach" (んまい棒は意外とお腹いっぱいになる "Nmaibō wa igai to onaka ippai ni naru")
  • Lesson 109. "Bread Is Better than the Song of Birds" (華より団子 "Hana yori dango")
  • Lesson 110. "At Times Like This, Don't Talk, Just Make Red Rice" (そういう時は黙って赤飯 "Sō iu toki wa damatte sekihan")
  • Lesson 111. "Watch the Sakata Family Show at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Dinner Table" (火曜7時は坂田家を食卓で)
  • Lesson 112. "After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday Is Still Your Enemy Today" (昨日の敵は今日もなんやかんやで敵 "Kinō no teki wa kyō mo nan'ya kan'ya de teki")

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