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Proper Japanese Title: 急がば回れ

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 095. "On a Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn to the Light" (闇夜の虫は光に集う Yamiyo no mushi wa hikari ni tsudō)
  • Lesson 096. "The Longest Way Around Is the Shortest Way" (急がば回れ)
  • Lesson 097. "If You're Prepared, You Don't Need to Worry" (備えあれば憂い無し)
  • Lesson 098. "Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn into Mummies" (ミイラ捕りがミイラに)
  • Lesson 099. "People Who Say that Santa Doesn't Really Exist Actually Want to Believe in Santa" (サンタなんていねーんだよって言い張る奴こそホントはいるって信じたいんだよ Santa nante inēndayotte iiharu yatsu koso honto ha irutte shinjitaindayo)
  • Lesson 100. "A Shared Soup Pot Is a Microcosm of Life" (鍋は人生の縮図である Nabe wa jinsei no shukuzu de aru)
  • Lesson 101. "Keep an Eye on the Chief for the Day" (一日局長に気をつけろッテンマイヤーさん Ichinichi kyokuchō ni ki o tsukerottenmaiyā-san)
  • Lesson 102. "In Order to be Myself" (僕が僕であるために)
  • Lesson 103. "Only Children Play in the Snow" (雪ではしゃぐの子供だけ Yuki de hashagu no kodomo dake)

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