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Proper Japanese Title: Hi wa mata noboru (陽はまた昇る)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 086. "Love Doesn't Require a Manual" (恋にマニュアルなんていらない "Ai ni MANYUARU nante iranai")
  • Lesson 087. "For the Wind is the Life" (走り続けてこそ人生 "Hashiri tsuzukete koso jinsei")
  • Lesson 088. "The Ideal Girlfriend is Always Minami" (理想の彼女はやっぱり南ちゃん "Riso no kanojo wa yappari Minami-chan")
  • Lesson 089. "Croquette Sandwiches are Always the Most Popular Food Sold at the Stalls" (売店ではやっぱりコロッケパンが一番人気 "Baiten de wa yappari korokke pan ga ichiban ninki")
  • Lesson 090. "Misfortune Never Arrives Alone" (災難は続け様に降り懸かる "Sainan wa tsuzukezama ni furikakaru")
  • Lesson 091. "The Full Moon Drives People Crazy" (満月は人を狂わせる "Mangetsu wa hito wo kuruwaseru")
  • Lesson 092. "Be Careful Not To Leave Your Umbrella Somewhere" (傘の置き忘れに注意 "Kasa no okiwasure ni chui")
  • Lesson 093. "Fools and Villains Love High Places" (バカとワルは高い所がお好き "Baka to waru wa takai tokoro ga osuki")
  • Lesson 094. "The Sun Rises Again" (陽はまた昇る "Hi wa mata noboru")

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