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    The former Captain of the 3rd division of the Gotei 13. Gin Ichimaru is a powerful Soul Reaper known for his constant smile, slitted eyes, sarcasm, mocking politeness and his Zanpakutō: Shinsō (Divine Spear). He has a close relationship with Rangiku Matsumoto. Before his rise to captain, he was the lieutenant of the fifth division where he served under fifth division captain Sosuke Aizen. He was also the third-seat of that same division. His lieutenant in the third division is Izuru Kira.

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    Short History

    Little is known of the former 3rd captains history. When he was a child, Gin saved Rangiku Matsumoto from dying of starvation. Ever since then the two have been close friends. Sometime afterwards he witnessed Rangiku be used by a Sosuke Aizen to create an impartial Hougyoku. Seeing this Gin swore to become strong and find a way to kill Aizen and reclaim what he took from Rangiku. Towards this end he joined Soul Society. His skills soon became noticed and he graduated from the academy in under a year. He first joined the 5th division. A few years later Gin killed the 3rd seat of the division and was then taken under by Sosuke Aizen and became a lieutenant.

    Appearance & Personality

    Captain Ichimaru Gin
    Captain Ichimaru Gin

    Birthday: 10 September

    Hair: Silver White

    Eyes: Red

    Height: 6'1" (185cm)

    Weight: 152 lbs

    Gin has silver hair that comes down just of his shoulders and has a very pale complexion. But it is his smile that never leaves his face that is one of his most memorable features. Initially the smile looks pleasant and welcoming, but due to it being an almost permanent fixture on his face, accompanied with his two shifty looking silted eyes, soon makes those around him uneasy and suspecting of what his true intentions could be.

    The only time you can tell if Gin is annoyed is by his eyes, they go from slit to open and you can finally see his eyes, It is unsure what his true eye color is as it forever seems to be changing.

    Gin's facial expression is later picked up on by Ichigo nicknaming him "fox face" after their first meeting.

    It could be said Gin has a sadistic side. Early in the series, Rukia believed Gin would talk with Byakuya Kuchiki in order to unsettle her due to her fear for her brother-in-law. Later on in the series as Rukia is being led to her execution at the blade of the Hōgyoku, Gin halts the guards in order to have a chat with her. At first Gin suggests maybe she should save Rukia from her fate. Gin's offer of saving her instills a glimmer of hope in Rukia after she had already accepted her fate. As soon as he realizes Rukia's hope, Gin cruelly detracts his offer and walks away smiling.

    Gin's laid back and sarcastic nature often leads for people to mistrust him, it was once commented that "it feels like a snake wrapping itself round your neck when he speaks to you."


    Early Years

    Child genius
    Child genius

    Gin was a child of Rukongai surviving on his own before meeting a young Rangiku Matsumoto after saving from dying of starvation. Ever since then the two have been close friends. In later years Gin would join the along with Rangiku. Gin's Shinigami skills was noticed and he was soon regarded as a child prodigy. The high potential he showed ensured his graduation from the academy in under a year. He first joined the 5th Division where he met Sosuke Aizen for the first time. Soon after their first meeting, Gin shows how dangerous he already was by killing the then 3rd Seat of the 5th Division. Seeing Gin's potential, Aizen took Gin under his wing to mold him into one of his most dangerous allies.

    Soul Society Arc

    The first time we meet the smiling Gin is when Ichigo and others try to break into t Soul Society, Jidanbo the gate guardian is beaten in battle and allows Ichigo entrance as the giant opens the gate the team are faced with Gin. As punishment Gin cuts of the giants arms and this enrages Ichigo and the two start to battle, soon Gin pulls his weapon and effortlessly knocks Ichigo and the group out of Soul Society.

    When Gin returns the rest of the captains epically the tenth questions why he was unable to kill the intruders. He simple replies he does not know. It later comes to light that he was in fact order by Aizen not to kill them as they would distract the soul society from what Aizen had planned. Shortly after Aizen appears dead pinned to the wall of the Soul Society suspicion is cast on Gin and covering Aizen's tracks to allow him to kill those who he needs to. After a brief encounter with the tenth captain Gin flees the scene and Aizen soon reveals his true plan much to the shock of the whole Soul Society. The group vanish as they do Gin says farewell to Rangiku, where he says sorry and his smile vanishes.

    Hueco Mundo Arc

    Arrancar robes
    Arrancar robes

    We see Gin along with Aizen as he mocks him for playing with his subordinates. We do not see Gin again for a while until Ichigo and his team are breaking into Las Noches. Gin merely watches them and changes the direction of the halls as they move. Ulquiorra Schiffer watches him and confronts him, when he does Gin denies everything with one of his larger smiles once again Gin drops of the radar along with Aizen for a while until he later reappears along with Tosen in the town center of Karakura as they unleash a large amount of Hollows on the town Aizen smiles and says there is a lot of old faces that he has not seen in a while and the battle continues.

    Powers & Abilities

    Genius Intelligence - Hailed as a child prodigy, his skills and abilities were very much evident that he was able to graduate from the within a year. He is also highly manipulative and deceptive. Gin can also be considered as strategically gifted. This is shown when when battling another child genius, Histuguya. He manages to take the upper hand by easily manipulating the positions of lieutenants, Kira and Hinamori, so Hitsuguya has to choose taking his life or Hinamori's. He was able to plan Sosuke's Aizens defeat for 10 years. He fooled the likes of Sosuke Aizen into believing that he vow loyalty towards him. He fooled Sosuke Aizen into believing of his full extent of his true Bankai.

    Spirit Power - Gin's spirit powers are typical of a captain class Shinigami and has been shown to easily incapacitate the others with his spiritual pressure by just glancing towards their direction.

    Mastery of Swordsmanship - Deadly with a wakizashi despite the sword's disadvantage of a shorter reach. Sure of his own swordsmanship skills, Gin is normally unfazed by his opponent's own sword skills even when they may have the advantage. He was able to keep up and clash his sword/zanpakuto against the likes of Toshiro Hitsugaya, the Captian of the 10th division.

    Master of Using Kido - Gin is shown to use kido spells with Sosuke Aizen.


    Shinso the
    Shinso the "Divine Spear"

    Gin's zanpakuto's unreleased form form takes on the appearance of an ordinary wakizashi.


    The name of Gin's zanpakuto is Shinso (Divine Spear). An ideal name as when Gin calls out Ikorose Shinso ("Shoot to Kill"), Shinso glows white and projects at high speed that is capable of impaling his opponent. The force is so great it can shatter other zanpakutos.


    Kamishini no yari(God killing spear) In its bankai state, doesn't change at all rather gaining the ability to stretch farther and at a higher speed than his shikai. The blades cutting power is also increased,the blade can reach up to thirteen kilometers and is said to go five hundred times faster than sound and is able to retract at the same rate. Gin states that his zanpakuto is not the longest but the fastest zanpakuto

    • Poison: Kamishini no yari hides a deadly poison between the crooks of the blade capable of dissolving and breaking down cells within the body.
    • Buso(Dance Step)- Gin changes his stance by raising his sword to his chest and grips it with both hands, It increases the speed of it expanding and retracting.

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