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    Gin Genie was a member of Zeitgeist's corporate X-Force. She has the ability to generate seismic waves equal to the level of alcohol in her blood. Her manager had her killed as a publicity stunt.

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    Gin Genie is already a well-established superhero when she first appears as member of the X-Force with her teammates. There is tension, as U-Go Girl states that 'being a fan' of Gin Genie is similar to posting one's Alcoholics Anonymous records on the internet.


    Gin Genie was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred in 2001 and first appeared in X-Force # 116.

    Major Story Arcs

    Mission North Africa

    Her first shown mission with the group is to North Africa. They battle drug-addled tribesmen who are attempting to overthrow the local government. During the mission, Genie's teammate Sluk dies in a tank explosion. Genie herself gets a low performance rating, as her alcohol mixing produces dangerous tremors. Later at home, she gets performance anxiety. Plazm uses his powers to help calm her down. She is also shown worrying about her skin and how it would look for TV.


    X-Force's main orginise, Coach arranges for a mission that would gain lots of publicity, easily or so he says. The manufactured boy band 'Boys R Us' has been taken hostage in the Sonic TV studios, set deep in the city. Already, one of them has been killed. The terrorists, who just want money, are deemed perfect adversaries. The team teleports in and all is going as planned until a helicopter gunship opens fire. Genie, the terrorists, the hostages and most of X-Force all die. The only survivors are Anarchist and U-Go Girl. The latter sends the helicopter crew plunging to their deaths.


    Although Gin Genie was quite powerful, her powers required alcohol, and she was a very abusive alcoholic. When she was drunk, she often aimed her seismic waves at her own teammates.


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