Team » Gil'Dishpan appears in 14 issues.

    One of the alien races in the alliance to conquer Earth in the Invasion! event.

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    The Gil'Dishpan are part of the Alien Alliance that try to take over the Earth during the Invasion. They have the ability to create portals through time and space in order to instantly bring objects from one place to another. Vril Dox decided to ignite the methane oceans of their home planet and destroy it when the Gil'Dishpan are taken control of by Starro. While the member of R.E.B.E.L.S. are horrified at his decision, he believes it was a decision that needed to be made in order to stop Starro from using the Gil'Dishpan's portals to take over more of the universe.

    Unique features

    Members of Gil'Dishpan race breathe the highly combustible methane that is contained in their life bubbles. They also have deadly defence system: their pod-like protuberances allow them to shoot acid-like liquid at their opponents.


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