Gil Kane, Mister Cover Artist, unsung genius

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The influence of Gil Kane on artists that followed him - especially at Marvel - seems to be vastly underrated. Look at Jim Starlin's Captain Marvel run of the 1970's, after Kane's short stint on the title and the introduction of the nega bands. Look at Frank Miller's Daredevil, the classic 1980's run. Both heavily influenced by Kane's layouts and anatomical stylisation. When Kane drew Spider-man those stories always fired up my artistic desires. He was one of the best. Ever.

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Gil Kane was one of the first artists I noticed growing up reading in the late 1970's and 1980's. My first exposure to his work was when he worked at DC Comics drawing Superman and Justice League. His dynamic perspective and anatomy and stylized line work are forever etched into my mind.

I also first learned to draw women (at the age of 10) by using carbon paper to trace over his lines. *From a story about the Justice League going to rescue the Atom who was a giant in a subatomic universe ala Liliput.

His mastery is missed.

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