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    Gil Corazón is the father of super-hero Spider-girl, formerly known as Araña.

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    "Follow your only lead even if it seems impossible" -- Gil Corazon.

    Gil was an inverstigative reporter/ journalist for the New York Herald. He has Hispanic heritage with close ties to the Fantastic Four and father of the superhero known as (the 616) Spider-Girl. He raised his young daughter Anya all by himself after the death of his wife. When Anya was a young teenager, she got superhuman powers and started working as a superhero, calling herself Araña.


    Gil Corazon was created by Fiona Avery and Mark Brooks and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #1 (2004).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Father of a Superhero

    At first Gil had no knowing of his daughter's dangerous new live. So it was safe to say that Gil was shocked when he first found out about it. He however was understanding of his daughter's new life and loved her just as much. However, he worried so much about Anya, that he told Susan Richards of the Fantastic Four about his situation, asking her what he should do, and how to raise her from now on.

    Susan told Gil he probably had nothing to worry about, since she was a smart, intelligent girl who knew what she was doing, and that he should just support her as much as he could. Gil and Anya had a good father-daughter relationship, and enjoyed each-others company very much.

    Back in New York and Death

    However, disaster struck not much later. Gil and Anya moved to New York City and had just gotten a beautiful new house. During the first week in their new house, Gil went to the New York University library, where in secret, he worked on solving a murder case with General Thunderbolt Ross. Unbeknown to the both of them, Gil and Ross where being watched and as soon as they found a mayor clue in solving the murder, an unnamed man pored a deadly poison (witch would cause heart-failure) into both their coffee's. Ross drank his coffee first and started feeling the effects of a coming hart-failure but immediately turned into the Red Hulk, temporarily losing his mind and starting a rampage, but surviving the poison. Gil however had no such luck. He drank his coffee and started feeling the effects quit soon as well. This however all happened at the same time the Red Hulk went on a rampage. Gil saved a women, but got stuck under a large part of the sealing that came down after the rampage. There he died, with Anya not being a few meters away from him.

    His funeral was visited by many loved ones and friends beside Anya herself, including Mayor J. Jonah Jameson and Reed and Susan Richards.


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