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Gigatron is a Decepticon warlord who served under Megatron during the Great War. After the Great War he refused to admit defeat and went off to find an army of stone soldiers who were foretold to be hidden on a distant planet.

For the Decepticon Triple-Changer Overlord


Gigatron was created by TakaraTomy for the Japanese Transformers: Car Robots (2000) Cartoon. Originally considered another version of Megatron, which he was called in the Americanized Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001) port of the cartoon, it was later revealed by TakaraTomy that he was indeed a unique character and part of the G1 Continuity. Further proof was when Gigatron like Fire Convoy (who was called Optimus Prime) wasn't shown in the BotCon 2010 Transformers Hall of fame as Megatron.

While Hasbro has stated they have no desire to include Gigatron in their G1 universe, IDW has included him into their ongoing universe in the The Transformers: Drift - Empire of Stone mini-series and he is now considered a unique character in the US.

GIgatron was first seen in comics in 2004 with Dreamweave's Transformers Summer Special by writer Adam Patyk and Brad Mick.

Major Story Arcs

IDW Continuity

Empire of Stone

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During the Great War, Gigatron was told by Deadlock and Turmoil that an army of stone soldiers was hidden on a distant planet. Centuries after the war Gigatron refused to accept that the war had ended, and tried to find the stone army to absorb the army into his forces, but couldn't find it. Fortunately, Deadlock having defected to the Autobots and changing his name to Drift also arrived on the planet, where he was captured and brought before Gigatron. Gigatron convinced the former Decepticon to lead him to the Stone Army in exchange for freeing his friend Ratchet. Unfortunately this wasn't to be as Gigatron went back on his word on the advice of his second-in-command Hellbat.

Not long afterwards, the captives came running straight back into Gigatron's throne room, followed closely by Stone Army soldiers that attacked the Decepticons. Told by Drift that Hellbat had betrayed him and activated the army for his own gain, Gigatron was enraged and transformed into his two-headed dragon mode, and wiped out the stone soldiers. Drift then brokered an alliance with the Decepticon commander against Hellbat's new army. Unwilling to destroy too many of his potential soldiers, however, Gigatron soon left the group to confront Hellbat directly and was faced with a gigantic stone warrior. While Gigatron contended with the stone giant, he tossed Drift onto Hellbat's platform to deal with him. Gigatron tried to take the chance to kill Hellbat and retrieve the device for himself, but was stopped in his tracks by Drift, who urged him to give up on war. The interruption allowed Hellbat to take back the device and send the entire army after Gigatron, who in his rage destroyed the stone soldiers to get to Hellbat. Unfortunately, his attack destroyed the machinery used to activate the army, causing an explosion that collapsed the building on him. He is believed to be dead but since a body was never seen his current fate is unknown.

Powers & Weaknesses

Gigatron is very powerful and has six alternate modes. Each mode has it's own personality, strength and weaknesses. His primary attack is his Cutter Beam technique. As Devil Gigatron, he can increase his power by draining the life energy of other beings. Gigatron has a very short temper and sometimes acts rashly as a result, he also overly trusts his second-in-command.


  • Allegiance: Decepticon
  • Sub Group: Predacon
  • Function: Warrior/Leader
  • Alt-Modes: Jet, Bat, Two-headed Dragon, Giant Hand, and Roadster (Gigatron & Devil Gigatron), Winged Griffin, One-headed Dragon, Hydroplane, and Elephant (Devil Gigatron), Spider (Beast Wars Toy), Dragon and Drill Tank (Gigatron Z Toy)
  • Color Schemes: Purple & Black (Gigatron - G1, IDW, Animated), Purple & White (Devil Gigatron - G1, Animated)

Alternate Versions

Dreamwave Publications

War Within

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Annoyed at the Predacons' inability to steal energy, Gigatron (Megatron) ordered Scourge and Sky-Byte to undertake a joint operation to an energy research facility in Arizona, while he and several of the other Decepticons kept the Autobots busy. Gigatron fought the Autobots X-Brawn, Prowl and Side Burn in Oregon.

Other Media


Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001)

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Called Gigatron in the original Japanese version Transformers: Car Robots, he was called Megatron in the US due to marketing appeal. Gigatron is the leader of the Predacons with the ability to take on six forms. He has decimated numerous planets during his campaign for Predacon supremacy before coming to Earth in search of the megaweapon Fortress Maximus. GIgatron has battled with Fire Convoy (Optimus Prime) and his Autobots numerous times before. Eventually like the G1 counterpart Megatron, he was changed into Devil Gigatron (called Galvatron in the US).


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