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    Giganto is one of the Mole Man's pets from Monster Isle. Giganto appears on the cover of the legendary Fantastic Four #1, squeezing the Invisible Girl, who is unable to turn invisible fast enough.

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    Giganto causing havoc in Los Angeles.
    Giganto causing havoc in Los Angeles.

    Giganto is one of the Mole Man's monstrous beasts from Monster Isle and is the largest creature ever to walk the land. The Mole Man and a number of creatures from his underworld empire were destroying atomic plants in various major cities around the world. The plan was to used Giganto and his monster army to attack the surface world once they wrecked every source of earthly power. However the Mole Man's plan for world domination was thwarted by the Fantastic Four.


    Giganto was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four 1 (1961), making the Fantastic Four's first advisory. This monster will always be most remembered as the creature squeezing the Invisible Girl (now Invisible Woman) on the cover of Fantastic Four #1 (1961), probably the most famous cover in the history of Marvel Comics.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Avengers West Coast

    Giganto would resurface a few years later in Los Angeles when the Mole Man was duped into attacking the West Coast Avengers during the Acts of Vengeance. Wonder Man convinced the Mole Man that the Avengers did not attack Monster Island and Giganto ceased his assault.

    On Monster Isle

    Giganto carrying Skrull Ship
    Giganto carrying Skrull Ship

    A Skrull scouting party would land on Monster Isle and learned that the monsters there had similar mind structures of the Skrull race. Then the Skrulls used slave darts to take control of Giganto and other creatures in order to use them to locate a Skrull rebel named De'Lila. All the monsters were programmed to maximum ferocity level and transported in different locations all over the world. Mole Man was able to regain control of Giganto and used him to capture the Skrull vessel and had plans to assassinate all the Skrulls on that ship for what they did to his pets. The Skrulls were looking for a Skrull egg that contained an Inorganic Technotroid that are suppose to be the Empress's ultimate bodyguard. The Skrull egg was in Monster Island under the care of Giganto and her mate. Mole Man wanted the egg, the Skrulls wanted the egg and several heroes including the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider Man and Ghost Rider were caught in the middle. The egg would hatch and the Technotroid started imprinting on the first thing it saw which was Giganto. Giganto and her mate would take care of the Technotroid as if it was their own child.

    Giganto was later released by Living the Mummy to attack a group of monster hunters that were out to kill a group of monsters in the old Morlock tunnels of NY.

    The Viridian Project

    For more information see: The Viridian Project

    In Viridian, New Mexico, while filming a documentary on the Hulk, a film crew stumbles upon Giganto. The monster attacks them, but the Hulk steps in and fights Giganto into a subterranean cave. The film crew, not prepared to abandon the documentary, follows, and Giganto kills Rylend Grant, the Viridian Project's camera man. The Hulk realizing that Giganto will kill the rest of the crew, snaps the monster's neck, killing it.

    Later, the Eldest and her group arrive to see the body of Giganto. Then the Eldest uses her power to see what happened to Giganto and how to stop the Hulk.

    Powers and Abilities

    Giganto possesses superhuman strength and durability.


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