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Cyclops forms a new X-Men team! And because we fans demanded, fan favourite Kitty Pryde returns to the fold! And a new threat has risen: a "cure" for mutants!

As the X-Men hear about the cure, another threat arises, but it isn't a "cure": it's an alien! After being defeated, the X-Men aren't happy, and Beast visits Dr. Kavita Rao, creator of the "cure"!

Wolverine and Beast battle! But this time, Wolverine has a good excuse for fighting his teammate! What does it have to do with this cure? Will Emma make these two beasts tango? And are you as amazed as Kitty is that Emma teaches Ethics (irony)? Plus Cyclops visits head of SHIELD: Nick Fury!

The X-Men infiltrate Benetech, after the last issues startling discovery! What lies beneath Benetech? Or rather who lies beneath Benetech?

Kitty Pryde is reveling from the huge ressur- -hmph- revelation, and who-- I'm mean what is the revelation! And above ground, arguments battles and raids go down!

The last issue in the first arc of this brand new series! Which member of SHIELD has been making agreements with intergalactic supervillains? All I can tell you for sure, is I think it's time for a Fastball Special!

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