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    The Gibborim are a collective of giant Elder Gods who have created The Pride to manipulate things for their goal, which is to destroy all of human kind.

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    The Gibborim are an ancient race of giant Elder Gods with six digits on each hand and foot. They have lived on Earth before humankind was created, and feel that there was peace before humankind over-ran the Earth. However, they had been trapped in a different dimension, and in order to restore peace to the Earth they mystically abducted six couples into a place called the Vivarium. There they offered the young men and woman a chance for immortality in exchange for their freedom. Those six couples promised to perform an annual sacrifice called the Rite of Blood, which involved the ritualistic murder of a young woman, and the Rite of Thunder, in which the Gibborim would devour the murdered young woman's soul. The rituals were to be performed annually for the next twenty five years, during which time The Pride would rise to power and have control of Los Angeles, and after that time had passed then all of humanity would be wiped off the face of the Earth. Additionally, they also offered immortality to only six members of the Pride; that after twenty five years had passed three of the couples would be allowed to live in this peaceful heaven, but the other six must die with the rest of humanity.

    Major Story Arc


    It was during the Rite of Thunder that Alex Wilder gatecrashed the ceremony, armed with weapons from his team-mates. The interruption to the proceedings angered the Gibborim, and after Molly Hayes released the soul of the murdered girl the contract between the Gibborim and The Pride was terminated. The ancient giants were left stranded, trapped and unable to return to Earth.

    When the Pride died, they were not above making deals with other humans to reach their goals. They were willing to deal with Geoffrey Wilder, after he had been time-displaced from 1985, and later they were willing to return Gertrude Yorkes back form the dead if Chase Stein provided an unwilling & innocent soul as a sacrifice. Since Chase had offered himself, the Gibborim refused to accept his soul and attempted to consume the soul of Nico Minoru instead. They were once again thwarted by Molly Hayes' super strength, but unlike before the Gibborim had run out of strength to anchor themselves in Limbo and were permanently forced back into their inter-dimensional prison.


    The Gibborim were created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona in 2004 and first appeared in Runaways vol.1.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Gibborim claim to have the power of resurrection, though it seems they require the sacrifice of a soul. They're also able to shot blasts of fire, and to teleport themselves or others through space and time.

    They're also immune to some kind of magical spells, and are immune to physical and energy attacks.


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