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This issue features one new story and four reprinted stories.
"Finding Home!" -  [This story takes place during the training period depicted in X-MEN #94, page 11.]  
The new X-Men deal with the struggles of becoming a team: Cyclops oversees a sparring session between Storm and Thunderbird that turns tense when he has her pinned and won't let go, until Cyclops intervenes.  Later, Professor Xavier discusses with Logan his role in the new X-Men.  Thunderbird, unsure of his place in the world, explores his new home, including Logan's room.  He seeks out Ororo to talk but doesn't find her.  When she returns to her quarters, she finds a symbolic gift from Thunderbird: a live cactus.
"The Doomsmith Scenario" - reprinted from X-MEN #94.
"Warhunt!" - reprinted from X-MEN #95.
"Mourning" - reprinted from CLASSIC X-MEN #3.
"Warhunt 2" - reprinted from THE UNCANNY X-MEN #193.


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