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Jack Russell is the Werewolf by Night, a young man trapped in a lycanthropic nightmare! The reign of terror continues when Jack battles a creature straight out of a horror novel- the Monster of Victor Frankenstein! The Brotherhood of Baal comes to a close.

[This story takes place between WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #21 and #22.]

Chapter One: "Prisoners of Flesh" - The Frankenstein Monster roams the alleyways and docks of New York City. While sitting in shadows, he overhears a pair of derelicts discussing an article in a newspaper. The story concerns Danton Vayla, a man in California who claims the ability to transmigrate souls to new bodies. Intrigued, the Monster boards an L.A.-bound freight train, but only after rendering the railyard guard unconscious.

On the Pacific coast, the train is stopped for police to search for the guard's assailant. Hearing their voices, the Monster bursts through the boxcar door, only to plummet down a cliffside to the sea below.

Prologue to Chapter Two - Lissa Russell, having looked into joining the Brotherhood of Baal as a possible source for a cure for her brother's lycanthropy, turns her back on the cult. She returns home, but soon, three robed figures break in, ransack her home and kidnap her.

Chapter Two: "To Host the Beast" - Jack Russell arrives to visit his sister, but find the house a shambles. On a wall, apparently scrawled in blood, is the message, ""the Brotherhood of Baal will punish betrayal with your blood". Jack rushes to the home of his reporter friend Buck Cowan for aid. Buck, somewhat familiar with local cults, tells Jack the Brotherhood is headquartered at Vayla's Malibu mansion. Despite the coming dusk, Jack drives to Malibu, but as he nears his goal, the full moon rises, and he becomes the Werewolf. The beast leaps from the convertible, which crashes into a tree.

In Vayla's mansion, the satanists welcome a guest: the Frankenstein Monster, having survived his fall into the ocean, has found Vayla. With gestures, the mute creature explains he wants a new body, and the cultists prepare for the ceremony.

Chapter Three: "The Flesh of Satan's Hate" - Lissa is placed upon an alter to be sacrificed at midnight, but the Werewolf, having somehow ended up at the mansion, bursts in through a window. He and the Monster then fight, the Werewolf slashing and biting the creature who slams his against the floor and walls. Finally, the Monster emerges victorius, rendering the man-beast unconscious. When he comes to, the Werewolf finds himself bound on the alter, with Vayla holding the ceremonial blade above his heart. The Monster decides he will not abide murder, and so stops the knife's descent and throws Vayla against the inverted cross bracketed to the wall. The cross comes loose, and falls on the priest, crushing him. Regaining his strength, the Werewolf breaks his bonds, and the two creatures plow through the remaining cultists. While a toppled torch ignites an uncontrollable blaze, Lissa escapes, meeting Buck who has sped to the mansion. The house collapses into the sea, and Lissa fears for Jack's life. However, later, the sand below reveals two sets of footprints leading from the surf: one over-sized, and the other lupine.

This issue also includes four reprinted stories: "Mind Over Matter" (from Weird Worlds #16), "The Ape Man" (by Lee & Ditko, from Strange Tales #85), "The Barefoot Man" (from Uncanny Tales #29), and "The Werewolf of Wilmach" (from Astonishing Tales #17).



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