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    Sam Parkin is the man who created a size change formula that was more stable than Hank Pym's version. He was unable to get anyone "to even look at it" due to Hank Pym's infamy as Giant Man.

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    Sam Parkin is a member of the New Paramounts.  He developed a growth process called the multiploidy process of chromosomal multiplication.  It is twice as efficient as the use of Pym Particles with no side effects.  However, his discovery has been ignored and snubbed by the scientific community because "Sizechange drove Pym crazy.  Sizechange is unstable and froze Pym at twelve feet for two years."  His entire field of research was destroyed by Hank Pym.

    Sam has since joined the New Paramounts as Giant-Sam, a failed superhero. 


    Giant-Sam was created by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen in 2006 and first appeared in Nextwave: Agents Of Hate # 9.

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