G.I. Robot

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    Mechanical soldier, also known as J.A.K.E.

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    Current Events

    Following the reboot of the DC Comics universe into the New 52, many old characters from DC Comics either were rebooted or began showing up in unexpected ways. Among these were G.I. Robot Squadron, reimagined as a platoon of robot soldiers deployed by S.H.A.D.E. in support of the Creature Commandos during their assault on Monster Planet.


    There are two individual G.I. Robots as well as a recently revealed squadron of G.I. Robots. The first of these was a robot named J.A.K.E. 1 who was active in World War II. The second was a robot created by LexCorp for the U.S. Military.


    G.I. Robot was created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru and first appeared in Star Spangled War Stories #101 in 1962. The second G.I. Robot was introduced during a story arc in Weird War Tales involving the first G.I. Robot in issues #101-#113. The third incarnation appeared in Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #4.

    Character Evolution

    As with most robot characters, G.I. Robot is portrayed as unable to understand the nature of humanity while also creating a bond with certain individuals. His closest friend is Marine Sergeant Coker.

    Major Story Arcs

    As with many of the characters of the Silver Age war stories, G.I. Robot was part of many fantastical but also mostly non-sequitur adventures, involving among other things being stranded in space with the Creature Commandos, or various adventures on Dinosaur Island.

    Frankenstein and G.I. Robot

    G.I. Robot (or J.A.K.E.) initially stood for Japanese Attack Killer Elite. He was created by Dr. Crane held captive by the Japanese as a weapon against the Allied Forces. Upon being unleashed, G.I. Robot engaged in combat with Frankenstein, only to reveal himself moments later as an ally, aptly named Joint Allied Killer Elite. After pledging his allegiance to the Allied Forces, J.A.K.E. informed Father Time that the Japanese were planning to initiate a top-secret operation code named "Motalla" the next day. To prevent the destruction of New York City, J.A.K.E. had to team up with Frankenstein. Combining their efforts, they were able to defeat the monster.

    Powers and Abilities

    G.I. Robot has the expected abilities of a robot, increased strength, durability and ability to operate a mechanical brain. As a robot designed for combat his skills relate closely to the ability to fight.


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