G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra

    Movie » G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra released on August 07, 2009.

    How does it feel to have the G.I. Joes pop out of comics and straight into a superb action flick? Well, read on...

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    The opening scene starts in the year 1641. A man is brought to judgement for his acts of treason. He tells the king that though he may not live, his sons will carry the fight on. The king does not pay heed to him and has his face clamped in a red-hot iron mask.

    Present day.
    A team of NATO soldiers are being given a demo of M.A.R.S. nanite missiles. The NATO prepares for departure with the missile. Midway, they are attack by a COBRA


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     At first I didn't think that I would enjoy the movie. I had my doubts on the cast. These are tough characters to pull off, so they needed to be believable above anything else. I walked into the theater expecting a flop and left feeling a little pumped and ready for the next installment.  Hmmm... Did they really leave me wanting more? YUP they did, how cruel.   Snake Eyes was everything i hoped for and of course more, though he never said a word, he always had my full attention. His fight scenes...

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    G.I. Joe the Fall of Expectations 0

    G.I.Joe the Rise of Cobra  Review   the Story James McCullen and the Doctor are forming weapons and armies with the nanomite technology that they created.  The nanomite technology that they created are capable of destroying entire cities.  Trying to create a new world order, they threaten the use of the nanomites onto the world if their demands are not met.  In comes the Joes who are Earth's last defense.the Good Ray Park and Sienna Miller were awesome in their roles.  Miller definitely stole th...

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    Well first off let me say that I've never been too much of a G.I. Joe fan, I mean I would watch that cartoon ever now and then but I never got the toys. But I did want to see this movie and well I suppose that since I didn't know much about the series it made it good. This movie excells because of it's violence and also Snake-Eyes, he is pretty much the coolest character in that movie. So one thing I had a problem with (it wasn't a huge problem) was with the advance tech. I mean sure it takes pl...

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