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    Movie » G.I. Joe Retaliation released on March 28, 2013.

    The sequel to GI Joe Rise of Cobra.

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    Many fans were extremely disappointed with the first installment of this series G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra., while a select few were fans of the movie. Being 2013, will the newest film in the modern G.I. Joe trilogy be a smash hit, or a clear miss?


    If you were one of the many who disliked G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra sorely because of the story and how it was executed, viewers will not have a vastly differed opinion about this installment. Without spoiling anything major, the main plot revolves around the G.I. Joe survivors of an attack on their base from Zartan (who is assisting Cobra Commander, alongside Firefly) seeking revenge for their fallen comrades. Cobra Commander tricks many countries including Israel, The United Kingdom, North & South Korea, Japan, and more into eradicating their nuclear warfare supply. Predictably, nukes fly awry and the cliche of "nuclear disaster in [insert number] minutes will initiate unless [insert device] is deactivated" type of movie. However, there are a few interesting differences that the film tries to do to curve away from the massive cliche, such as Cobra Commander's manipulation of the world's superpowers, Zartan's secret with the Arashikage Clan, and other fun concepts, but it doesn't stray enough to break away from the heavily generic action movie category. Also, I'm a fan of RZA, but his voice was just really corny and completely ruined the atmosphere the film was driving for (at least for me). That being said, this is a popcorn flick, so it shouldn't be viewed upon for its story anyways. I mean, you don't see Transformers having a mind-bending story but it is still enjoyable for its fun action scenes and occasional humor. The same can be said for this film, and it certainly succeeds more as a popcorn flick that its predecessor.

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    Featuring A-Listers such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Channing Tatum (who doesn't play as huge of a role in this film as the first one), Bruce Willis, as well as some other talented actors/actresses such as Adrianne Palicki, Lee Byung-hun, Ray Park, and Ray Stevenson, the film has its fair share of stardom in the casting department. Nearly everyone fulfilled the needed requirement of acting level to get the movie going, and for their character to fit into the movie, making it an all-enjoyable film. Sure, some didn't have explosive acting skills, but they didn't do more than temporarily distract me from having a pretty fun experience. I also have to say the fight scenes the actor/actresses performed (as well as their stunt doubles) were very impressive and well choreographed. I mean, it can't get better than Snake Eyes battling ninjas while juggling an unconscious Storm Shadow on the side of a cliff. Bruce Willis also did a fine job with his humorous, old general act. His acting, paired with the funny scenario of his home being loaded with weaponry had me laughing near uncontrollably.

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    Character Development

    Throughout the movie I liked the performances of the characters, especially Roadblock and his crew's vengeance plan, and Storm Shadow's unexpected twist (well for most non-G.I. Joe readers that is). There, again, isn't anything exceptional about the character development in this film, but it gets the job done and is interesting to see it play out throughout the film. However, there are some major flaws in this department that may ruin a huge bit of the enjoyable sitting for many watchers. For one, the sloppily done execution at times was just really off-putting, and ruined the atmosphere. A few examples are RZA's weird, corny voice that sounded like he was narrating a 1980's martial arts film, the sudden Zartan/Storm Shadow twist (don't get me wrong, it was a good twist, but it was out of the blue), Jinx, and Flint. Jinx and Flint were portrayed well with what the actors had, but overall, their involvement in this movie was mediocre. Jinx barely did anything, and was just a random female supporting character that had no relation to anything. She was sloppily introduced by RZA's cheesy narrating, which is even worse. Flint is kind of a generic soldier, who has the "this guy saved my life, so I have to stick to this group, get revenge, and redeem myself" archetype, and could have been executed well, but fell flat in the end. Why? Well he did near nothing other then some general support to the group, and didn't really do anything independently to stand out, whereas Roadblock has his own rivalry with Firefly, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes had trouble with Zartan, and more. Even Lady Jaye was better in this movie, as she had her own scenes and had at least an independent scene where she had gone recon into the President's White House. This isn't necessarily something that entirely taints the film, it just makes you have such an indifference towards the characters that you will barely notice them there. You'll find yourself saying "oh yeah, they're in the movie too" countless times when they appear.

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    Special Effects

    Being a popcorn flick, this movie will certainly deliver when it comes to Michael Bay-like explosions, semi-science fiction gadgets (and a huge satellite that shoots an explosive projectile), and plenty of tanks and other military vehicles. While it won't be as eye-mazing as say The Avengers or Transformers, it will probably rank among the most awesome special effects, being behind Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and Star Trek : Into Darkness. I could see G.I. Joe : Retaliation being up a notch from The Wolverine's special effects though, so if you're looking for something similar in the titles listed above (minus an excellent plot), then you'll thoroughly love the eye-candy this film packs.

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    Lasting Appeal

    Personally, I don't see this movie being any mark in the film industry any time soon. It's not bad enough to really be ridiculed for decades to come, and not exceptional enough to be ranked among the likes of Breaking Bad, The Shawshank Redemption, and other critically acclaimed "modern classics". However, I could see the large majority of G.I. Joe fans being attracted to this film, as they won't be ashamed to like this film of their favorite characters and settings like Rise of the Cobra did while isolating their fanbase. Overall, it may leave a small baby step in the film industry as

    that cool"G.I. Joe" movie.

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    The Verdict

    While G.I. Joe : Retaliation might not have the best story or character development, it is still a good "summer"/"popcorn" flick that will be overall enjoyable for most G.I. Joe fans, and even newcomers to the franchise. With awesome special effects, exciting fight scenes with geek-tastic grudge matches, and explosions galore, it will easily overshadow the flaws of the film for the audience who are looking for a quick film that will be tons of fun. Those looking for some serious drama or anything with magnificently crafted characters and plotlines, go look for something else.

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