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Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes attempt to make their escape while the chaos of battle rages on Cobra Island.

After a long and excellent battle Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes are thrown into the sea after their stolen hydrofoil is attacked. Storm Shadow battle's two Cobra Eels before a pack of hungry sharks come to make things worse.

Meanwhile the wounded Zartan, disguised as wounded Rip-Cord tricks the Joe's into rescuing him off of Cobra Island. In the previous issue after winning a fight with Rip-Cord, Zartan assumes Rip-Cords identity. Then Zartan disguises Rip-Cord to look like himself.

Storm Shadow has come to Cobra Island for the sole purpose of killing Zartan since he has learned that Zartan killed "The Hard Master", Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes ninja master. Snake-Eyes against Joe orders has vowed to help Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow The End?!

Snake-Eyes is quickly rescued by the Joe's but Storm Shadow has drifted to far away. Against all odds he makes it to the shore, only to be shot dead -- in the head -- by The Baroness who proclaims "You have betrayed Cobra once too often! And I intend that you never betray us again!"

Best Cobra Commander Moment

Destro says to The Baroness that Dr. Mindbender "thinks more highly of himself than Major Bludd does!" At which point The Baroness proclaims she enjoys Major Bludd's poetry. Cobra Commander says "Poetry? That idiot Bludd thinks that Proust rhymes with Faust!"


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