G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #28

    G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero » G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #28 - Swampfire! released by Marvel on October 1984.

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    At the start of this issue we are with Mutt, Junkyard, Trip-wire, and Torpedo as they are in the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico ten miles off the swamp land of Florida. They are preparing to get back to the ship that is offshore. Junkyard is still trying to make up with Mutt since he lead Zartan, Cobra Commander , Baroness and Destro towards Mutt and the Joes the last few issues.They make it to the boat and are waiting for Duke to arrive. He does and they tell him where the Cobra's hideout.

    Back at Cobra's nest, Cobra Commander is talking to Zartan on a screen. Zartan saw the 3 joes and Junkyard leave on a boat . Fearing for his safety, Zartan and his Dreadnoks leave and tell Cobra Commander he can have the lair .Cobra Commander then starts to talk to Destro. Destro has already moved some of Cobra's equipment to Florida in preparation of a battle with the Joes. Back on the ship, it appears Duke, Cutter, Road Block, and Deep-Six get ready to baptise the W.H.A.L.E. looking for a fight with Cobra, along with Wild Bill and Doc onboard the Dragonfly. Cobra meanwhile is getting ready to take off in Cobra Rattlers. A fight is coming on.

    Destro and Wild Weasel leave to go pick up Cobra Commander and Firefly at Zartan's lair. Baroness heads back to Springfield to prepare for the Commander's return. At that lair Firefly and the Commander see Joes coming on every end. The commander reports to Destro that they need some air support.

    The battle is oncoming as 2 joes in a tank are being followed by a county sheriff and Wild Weasel and Destro see the Dragonfly and the WHALE is on course for Zartan's Lair.Cobra Commander and Firefly find secret controls for HISS tanks and robots. Firefly wants to control them but as usual Cobra Comander seems dumbed down and takes over wanting to control and lead these robots to victory.Clutch and Steeler in the tank run into the tanks and robots as do the sheriff and the fight is underway.The whale hits Destro's rattler and he sends Wild Weasel to rescue Cobra Commander and Firefly while he hovers around the wehale and he strafes and hits Deep Six. Only one gun is available. Road Block lifts and holds it on his back. Deep Six fires and hits Destro's plane causing him to deploy right before it blows up.

    At the lair Wild Weasel picks up Cobra Commander and they leave Firefly to fend for himself. In his dismay Firefly destroys Zartan's hideout and in mind to betrayal. Meanwhile Firefly walks into Destro and the Joes are being patched up by Doc while Zartan and his crew are heading to find themself some Joes.


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    An Average Fight 0

    This is right after the fantastic story of Snake-Eyes origin. This just lead up to an all out battle between the Joes and Cobra. More action less story really. Don't get me wrong I know the GI Joe comics is battles in weapons against Cobra and or Dreadnots or whatever. This issue was a battle climax to a ho hum buildup. Not that I'm not a Joe fan I am. I remember picking up my first G.I.Joe comic I was 7 and went with my grandparents to pick up a bearded colloie with them it was issue number 2. ...

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