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    We finally get a backstory of Snake-eyes and Mr. Hama should be known as Mr. G.I.Joe. We begin at Zartan's lair in the Florida Everglades. he is there with Destro, The Baroness and Cobra Commander and Mutt who looks like he's ready to sell out his owner Junkyard and Trip-line and Beachcomber who are hiding out there to in the swamps. We then turn our attention to Spanish Harlem where we see a fat elderly Japanese male running his convenience store. A lone young thug looks to rob him. The man just grabs the gun and gives the kid some cash which is a good thing because Snake-eyes who was sitting there would have done worse.

    Back at the Pit Joe headquarters Scarlett, Hawk and Ranger are seen looking at a screen at the symbol Storm Shadow bore on his wrist . Ranger talks of being on tour in Vietnam with Snake-Eyes and a young kid named Tommy . It appears Snake and Tommy were friends with Tommy talking Snakes ears off about his family business in Japan and all Snake would do was look at his twin sisters picture.

    The story continues as Ranger tells of the three of them that Him and Snake and Tommy were waiting for the helicopters to pick them up but they were ambushed . Tommy went back and save Snake in the field and bandaged him up and saw the mark. He looked it up later and it translates to Storm Shadow.Back to Florida and Mutt it seems is leading the Cobras to the Joes. FireFly and Wild Weasel 2 other Cobra operative who were tied up seem to have fled the scene.Back in Harlem Snake and the elderly Asian dude continue talking well the Asian guy anyway. He held onto some of Snake-eyes possessions pictures of loved ones and medals.

    Back at joe 'quartes Hawk picks up the story. He had to drive to the airport and deliver news to a bandaged up Snake who was coming home. He had to deliver bad news that unfortunatly his mom and dad and twin sister were killed in a car accident no where else to go we head back to Harlem , the old man continues the story. Snake goes to Japan where Tommy was in his family business. We learn the old man is the soft master and his and another brother called the hard master are Tommy's uncles and that Tommy is the young master they family business a ninja dojo.

    Snake-Eyes took to training religiously and was favored by the master to take the business over in favor of Tommy. One night the Hard master was showing Snake the form of the technique the blind sword. They heard a third person outside and the hard master dismissed it as someone not going to cause harm. Hard Master continued the lesson behind a screen to see if Snake knew who he was imitating. Just then an arrow went right thru the hard master. It seemed like it was one of Storm Shadows arrows . Hard Master near death said it wasn't Tommy and that he had a long road ahead to live with a lie to find the truth. Back in the swamp in Florida Mutt causes Cobra Commander , Baroness, Destro and Zartan to fall into quick sand.


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    This is just one of the reasons us 80's kids love GI Joe. Mr. Hama can write well meaningful stories. This mythology and history he wrote for this series is well regarded. We love Snake-eyes and Hama made him a story well built and still needing answers to questions yet unlike in Wolverine where Marvel decided to give us an definitive origin here its clearly shown less is more . I don't want to know all about Snake give me enough to know and we'll leave it at that. The art and story blend so wel...

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