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The Ghostbusters started when a group of unemployed scientists had the unique idea of creating a ghost-removal type service.

Located in a run down fire house in New York City the group now are famous around the globe, especially in New York.

The Ghostbusters deal with a whole host of different paranormal problems, from taking care of a poltergeist, to dealing with a demi-god (Gozer ).

The Ghostbusters consist of four members: Egon Spengler (The brain of the Ghostbusters), Ray Stantz (The heart of the Ghostbusters), Peter Venkman (The public spokesperson), Winston Zeddemore (The most balanced Ghostbuster) and Janine Melnitz the Ghostbusters loyal secretary.

For the Ghostbusters to do their job properly they rely on the equipment that Egon Spengler created. These devices include:

Proton Pack: a cyclotron particle accelerator attached to an alice frame that discharges protons in order to neutralize negatively charged electromagnetic radiation given off by ghosts. The beam of protons is discharged via a Neurtron Wand also known as a Particle Thrower. The beam in a sense "lassos" the spook/spectre/ghost to be held until a Ghost Trap is in place.

The Ghost Trap: a containment vessel that traps and secures the spook/spectre/ghost until it can be downloaded in to the Containment Unit. The trap is deployed once the entity is held in the proton beam via Neutron Wand. The trap is opened beneath the subject and is then pulled into the secure holding vessel.


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