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Review: Infestation: Ghostbusters #1

New York's getting over run by zombies and proton packs seem to make their disease spread even faster. What are the Ghostbusters to do?

The Good

Burnham absolutely NAILS Venkman's voice in this. Wow. The other busters' dialog is certainly authentic, but it's impossible not to read Venkman's lines and not hear Bill Murray speaking them in your head. It's even harder not to laugh. And kudos to Hotz for making the dudes actually look like the actors while skillfully getting around the pesky exact likeness restraint that always dogs adaptations like this.

The Bad

I haven't gotten to read the other Infestation tie-ins but, judging by the ads, it seems like a sorely missed opportunity not have all these characters actually teaming up as they're fighting this same threat. Also, even though there hasn't been a continuous Ghostbusters comic with hundreds of issues, I still feel like the inclusion of certain sugar monster seems too obvious a choice.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This issue was fun fun fun. And that's exactly what you hope a crossover could be like. This authentically felt like an old episode of the Real Ghostbusters, except with a tone hewn closer to the original movies. Even as I wish they'd would've taken this premise a little father, this is still a totally rad example of what I love about the freedom of comics.

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